6 Tips to Improve Your eScooter Battery Life

eScooters and vehicles are not the only eco-friendly forms of transportation making a buzz nowadays. For a more affordable and portable alternative, many people are turning to escooters (electrically powered scooters). 

E-scooters are made to fit almost every kind of lifestyle, whether you need it for a long trip to school or work, or just want to take a short ride around your neighborhood. However, the ride is only as good as the battery technology. That being said, here’s what you need to know regarding the battery life of escooters for adults

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How to Make Your eScooter Battery Last Longer

With ideal care, your e-scooter battery should last up to four years before you need to replace it. Here are some tips to ascertain long battery life.

1. Park The Scooter in a Dry Place

Most escooters might be water-resistant, but the last thing you want is to leave it outside in the rain. Keep your ride in a dry environment with the ideal temperature. Avoid leaving the scooter under the sun on a scorching hot day or in freezing cold conditions. These conditions will only damage the battery and substantially reduce its lifespan. 

2. Avoid Fully Depleting the Battery

An important thing to keep in mind is that escooter batteries vary from those in laptops or smartphones. Due to habit, it is easy to ride the scooter until the battery is fully drained. What many people do not know is that fully draining an e-scooter battery takes a toll on its life. Instead, ensure you charge it at every chance you get. Most escooter batteries have 500 to 1000 charge cycles, depending on the manufacturer. A full battery charge cycle is 100 to 0 percent and then back to 100%. For the best battery life, manufacturers advice keeping the gadget above 50%. You will get maximum life if you are able to keep over 80% charge. 

3. Better Late than Never

It is important to charge your scooter at the right time. You can charge it immediately after a short ride. However, if you’ve had a long ride, it’s advisable to give the scooter about half an hour to cool down before charging. Also, in tandem with the above point, don’t leave the gadget with a substantially discharged battery for several hours. You’ll want to charge it promptly for the best battery life. 

4. Use the Right Charger

Escooter batteries come in varying shapes and sizes. When it comes to chargers, however, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Each escooter battery is only fully compatible with the charger it comes with during the purchase. When you lose your charger or it gets damaged, you might be tempted to use any that fits. However, this can take a toll on your battery condition and life. 

Even if the alternative works, it might be charging your device incorrectly. Undercharging or overcharging can lead to irreparable damage in the long haul. If the original charger gets lost or sustains damage, you don’t have to fret as it’s easy to get a replacement. We have a wide array of escooter chargers for all kinds of batteries or models. All you have to do is a little due diligence to ensure you get the right product.  This will ensure your escooter or bike is eco friendly for as long as possible.

5. eScooter Battery Temperature

If you are using your ride in extreme conditions, the battery is likely to suffer as a result. High temperatures make the battery struggle, particularly when charging. As such, it’s always advisable to charge your e-scooter for children or adults in a well-ventilated area, particularly during those scorching hot days. All reputable manufacturers include an instruction manual in their products and will tell you the best conditions to charge or use your escooter and to care properly for your scooter

6. Caution is Vital

You should never leave your escooter charging unattended. Also, you should avoid charging, discharging or using a puffy or damaged escooter battery. 

Most e-scooters nowadays use polymer lithium batteries, which need to be treated with extreme caution. Overheating, damage or improper charging can result in a fire. So, avoid leaving the device to charge overnight. Ensure you’re always nearby when it is charging to ascertain safety.

If you want further help then check out our information hub or our FAQs on escooters