How to Store your eScooter

In this short post, we aim to show you how to store an eScooter like a pro and as needed.

After storing an eScooter for several months or during the winter, without using it, people have complained about its poor riding experience. People do not know the things they need to do before storing the scooter. GES decided to research this topic covering some tips to follow on how to maintain the scooter properly.

The Good And Bad News About eScooterStorage

The good news is that there are few steps a person can take if they wish to prolong the lifespan of their eScooter. It does not matter if you have the most advanced or the affordable eScooterr, you will need to take care of it.

The bad news is that some of the maintenance techniques you have to follow step by step, while in others, you have to teach yourself.

Another great news is that this concept is very simple. Everything you need to do is in one document. Therefore, you can use it as a reminder or guideline.

Take Care Of The Battery

The most important step is taking care of the battery. In other words, the eScooter life should be the first thing to focus on.

How Long Does A Battery Last?

It is important to know the charge and discharge cycles of your battery. For example, let us assume that your battery has 500 cycles. What does this mean? It simply means that after 500 charge and discharge cycles, the battery performance will decrease to about 80% from its original capacity. Of course, there are many factors that will affect the lifespan of a battery.

Nevertheless, since your goal is to prolong the battery life, below are few things to do: –

• Charge the battery properly
• To use all the cycle, use a battery’s original charger
• Charge it between 50%-70%. Never charge it fully to 100%.

Many people think that it is healthier for a battery to charge it to 100%. However, this is far from the truth. In fact, you are going to decrease its life-cycle faster. Charging it between 50% -70% is the perfect voltage for storage, and it will maintain its health.

If you are wondering if you can use an escooter without the battery; Yes, you can. However, the level of your suffering while leg-pushing it will depend on the weight.

Keep It In Top-Shape

Anytime you are preparing to store an eScooter for a long time, it is wise to ensure it is in top shape. What does this entail?

First, take the battery out of the escooter, because you do not what to leave it inside. This is a great way to identify any fault with the battery or wires. If you wish to store it for a long, it is wise to put the battery in a bag.

Cleaning Before Storing

Cleaning is a technique that helps increase the lifespan of the whole scooter. Also, it is an excellent way to identify a fault. In fact, it is wise to clean and maintain it on a regular. Cleaning helps identify problems such as dents, corrosion, cracks, and even scratches. You can easily achieve this by using a dumb piece of old cloth. Do not forget to inspect while cleaning.

When was the last time you did this?

If you have never, or it has been long, please make sure that you have cleaned the e-scooter if you wish to prolong its lifespan. After cleaning, you can spray a corrosion protective solution.

Proper Packing

After removing the battery, cleaning it, and even applying corrosion protection solution, it is time to pack it. In this instance, it does not matter if you want to keep it in a shed or basement; it will still need protection. This is where scooter covering comes into play.

Although, for you to achieve the maximum life span of the eScooter, there are few places you should avoid storing it. Of course, the truth is that storage is not just storage, some factors come into play. For this reason, below is a list of places you should avoid storing your escooter if you wish to increase its lifespan.

• A basement with a lot of moisture
• A shed that does not have heating
• Any place that is next to a heating source
• Extremely cold or hot areas
• Areas or rooms that are prone to flooding

There is no way to emphasize enough how important it is to avoid these areas. Here’s why: remember, an escooter has important and sensitive components that may sustain damage from external factors such as the environment. Things like the battery and sensors will suffer or get damaged if you do not avoid these areas.

Therefore, the million-dollar question is; which are the best places to store your eScooter? Below is a list of examples: –

• Clean areas (places where there is no dust or dirt)
• Dry areas (places where moisture is on the minimum)
• Areas with about 10 degrees Celsius

Planning To Get Back On The Road – What Should You Do?

After storing your escooter for months and now you are ready to take it back on the road; what should you do? This is a legitimate question. Well: –

• First, it is wise to ensure the battery is fully charged just as a way to ensure it is in good working order. This also means that you should check the connectors and where the battery sits in the scooter and ensure there is no corrosion or moisture.

• Secondly, ensure everything is dry and clean. This means looking for dust, moisture signs, or corrosion. If you find dust or corrosion, clean the area and apply a protective solution.

• Thirdly, after completing the inspection, put the battery back. You can test everything, such as the display, speed control, and anything else.

• Finally, check the tires and if they spin freely. Also, check if it needs some additional air. Remember, after some months, it is reasonable to find that tires have deflated.

After completing all these, you are now ready to go on the road and enjoy your ride.