Great Tips to Secure a Bike and Prevent Bike Theft

Thanks to their associated money savings, ease of use and environmental friendliness, ebikes are gaining a lot of popularity. But, these bikes are also becoming a popular target for thieves due to their convenience. It is important for you to bike lock and store your bike properly, to make sure that it remains safe and secure. Read on below to find out the best ebike locking and storage practices that can help you keep your bike from being stolen.

Pick The Right Storage Location For Your Bike

Consider visibility to potential thieves and ease of access, when choosing the best storage space for your ebike. To prevent easy unauthorized access, the right storage space should be hidden from the street and be secured by a fence or some other type of barrier. In addition to safeguarding your bike against theft, a locked storage unit or bike store, shed or garage also shields it from all sorts of environmental factors, like weather, making it a great storage location to prevent a bike thief.

Due to their environmental benefits and convenience, ebikes are growing in terms of popularity. On the other hand, theft has also become a major concern with the growing popularity of these bikes. When it comes to keeping your e-bike secure and safe, it is essential that you choose the right storage location. For detailed tips on how to pick the right ebike storage location, continue reading below.

The Accessibility Factor

Consider how accessible your ebike storage location is to you, before making a final decision. The main aim of having a convenient mode of transportation is to use it whenever the need arises; however, you may not want to use your ebike regularly, if getting to the storage location is a challenge. Think about how regular you want to use the bike and how far you would want to travel to get to it. The idea storage location should be easily accessible from your workplace or home.

When looking at different storage options, consider these factors:

Bike Security

It is important to choose a storage location that is secure, considering how attractive and valuable ebikes are to thieves – bike theft of ebikes is very common. A secure and lockable storage unit, shed or garage can be a great option to consider. For added security, you can also think about installing surveillance cameras or an alarm system in addition to looking for a well-lit storage unit.

Search for a public storage facility that provides secure bicycle storage, if you don’t have access to a storage unit or garage. You can find secure and monitored bike storage facilities or bicycle lockers in a good number of towns and cities.

Think About The Surroundings

You will need to think about the environmental factors that can have an impact on your ebike, when looking for an ideal storage location. You ebike’s lifespan can be reduced by exposure to the elements, which can wreak havoc on some of its components. On top of avoiding any locations that leave the bike exposed to direct sunlight, search for a storage space that is free of moisture and dry. The right location should also not be too cold or too hot, as the battery life of your ebike can be affected by extreme temperatures.

Since exposure to moisture can lead to corrosion of your ebike’s metal components, be sure to pick a storage location that doesn’t have too much humidity. Furthmore, you should shield your bike from the elements by placing a cover over it, if you will be storing it outside.

Get Some Insurance

It is important to think about insurance when storing your ebike. You want to make sure that you are covered, in case your bike is damaged or stolen while in storage. You can consider buying a separate insurance policy for your ebike or choosing a storage location that provides insurance cover.

To find out whether your ebike is covered while in storage, check with your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance. It is essential to go through the policy and seek clarifications where necessary as some policies may have exclusions or limitations.

Think About The Cost

Depending on the services provided, level of security and location, the storage cost can vary. Think about the cost, and what it means for your budget, when looking for a suitable ebike storage location. To find an option that perfectly matches your requirements, make a comparison of the services offered by various storage facilities and the prices they charge.

Given the level of services and security offered, choose a location that charges reasonable prices. The convenience and security of having your ebike stored in a secure and safe location should match the cost incurred.

Invest in an eBike Lock

Consider a bike lock – all you need to know is below for all types of bikes

The Wheels and Frame of your Ebike Should be Locked

It is important to secure both the wheels and frame, when locking your ebike. Securely locking both is important as thieves mostly try to make away with the wheels, leaving the frame in place.

You should begin with securing the frame and one of the wheels using the bike lock in order to lock the wheels and the frame. Use a separate bike lock to secure the other wheel to the frame as well. This way, thieves will find it harder to steal your bike thanks to this double locking mechanism.

Only Use Top Quality Locks to Lock your Bike

You get what you pay for, when it comes to bicycle locks. Investing in a quality lock is vital when it comes to securing your ebike, even though you might be tempted to spend less. The right lock it’ll depend on a number of variables. For a list of popular locks, read on below:

Chain Locks:

If you are looking for the most robust and durable lock, consider opting for a chain lock for the rear wheel. It is very hard to cut through the heavy-duty steel links that make up these locks. While it is true that these are great to lock your bike and offer the highest level of security, their use can be cumbersome as they are the heaviest type available.

U lock:

When it comes to securing ebikes, these locks are considered to be the most popular ones. Designed in various shapes and sizes to cater to different situations and bikes, these locks are made from hardened steel. Carrying these locks around can be somewhat of a challenge since they tend to be heavy; fortunately, they provide a high level of security and allow you to lock your bike safely.

Cable Locks:

While they are not as secure as other available options, cable locks are easy to carry around and tend to be lightweight. These locks can be cut easily using various tools including bolt cutters; however, they are a great option in low risk areas and quick stops.

Look for a secure locking mechanism and high quality materials, when looking for a suitable lock for your ebike. For added peace of mind and to make sure that your investment gets the protection you seek, be sure to look for a lock that comes with a guarantee or warranty.

Keep The Wheels And Frame Locked with a Secure Lock

It is important to secure both wheels and the frame, whenever you lock your ebike. You need to secure both parts of the bike, as thieves may run of with the wheels if the frame is the only one that is secured.

The first thing is to secure the lock around one of the wheels and the frame. Move on to the other wheel and use a separate lock to secure it to the frame as well. This makes it much harder for thieves to steal your bike by double locking everything.

Use A Number of Locks to Lock the Bike Correctly

To secure your bike and keep thieves away, you can combine the above strategy with the use of multiple locks. Thieves will find it harder to steal your bike, as multiple locks create multiple hurdles for thieves.

One of the most effective ways of securing you ebike involves using both a cable lock and a u-lock together. You can start by locking the bike to a secure bike rack or post using a u-lock that goes around one of the wheels and the frame. You can then secure other removable parts and the other wheels using the cable lock.

EBike Components

Many bike thief’s will try and take the components from an eBike rather than the whole bike itself. Here’s how to keep your components and bike safe.

Take Out Any High Value Components

High value components, like displays and batteries, draw thieves towards ebikes. You can make your bike less attractive to thieves and deter theft by simply removing these components whenever you park or store your bike.

Check your ebike’s manual for detailed instructions, before removing the battery. You can simply unlock the battery and slide it out of its housing in most cases. You can then place the battery in a secure location, for retrieval, the next time you want to use the bike.

You should also choose a secure location to store other valuable components like display among others. This helps safeguard the components from damage from various external factors, including the elements, in addition to preventing the theft of your bike.

Have You Bike Registered

In the unfortunate event that your bike is stolen, registering it beforehand can assist law enforcement officers with tracking and recovery. You can register your bike at no cost using the online registration systems available in many cities and states.

From the serial number to the make and model, you should make sure that you provide as much information as possible during the ebike registration process. Furthermore, you can photograph your ebike and store the images in a secure location.