What are the Disadvantages of eBicycles

We talk about all the pros of electric bikes and there are so many. However, what are the disadvantages for electric bicycles?

What are the Disadvantages of eBicycles
  1. Safety
    According to a survey report from Americans done in 2015, when it came to concerns regarding electric bikes, 75 percent stated that their main concern was safety. The number of accidents on the roads has increased because of electric bikes, but only because the number of people that rode their standard bikes in traffic was less. Riding electrical bikes gives the riders a chance to go almost as fast as cars, which means more people are getting confident and riding bikes too fast in traffic lanes. This leads to an increase in traffic accidents.
  1. More expensive
    The average cost for an electric bike is between seven hundred and fifty dollars to 2,500 dollars. This amount is not practical for all cyclists. Even with the electric bike conversion kits available allowing bike owners to change their standard bike into an electric one, the cost is still high. The process costs between eight hundred to a thousand dollars, which is quite an amount to spend on a bike. However, if you are opting for the conversion of your bike instead of a car, you get to save money in terms of fuel.
  2. Strongly-enforced bicycle laws
    Bicycle laws have become the main point of focus for both federal and local governments as it has proven difficult to classify electrical bikes. This has led to a lot of confusion regarding bike laws. Additionally, the legislation on the transport method has been delayed because electric bikes are not quite bikes but are also not cars. As an electrical bike owner, it is advisable to look up the Electrical Bike Laws in your state to know what is required. The general laws for electric bikes in most states say that bikes should not exceed 20 to 30 mph when riding.
  3. Service repairs and maintenance
    Electric bikes are expensive, and any damage you cause and have to repair will cost you money. Their parts are also expensive so replacements mean that you will be paying more money. The parts you have to worry about most as an electric bike owners are the tires and the batteries. Electric bike batteries usually need replacing about every five years.
  4. Needs to be charged frequently
    An electric bike needs to be charged just like a cellphone, and this can be time-consuming. If you use your electric bike daily, you will have to keep charging it to ensure it has enough power when you are using it.
  5. Can be more time-consuming compared to a standard bike
    The charging needs will take up some of your time, as will the process of getting ready for a ride. However, once you start moving, you will take less time to arrive at your destination than you would with a standard bike. You can counterbalance the time used to charge when you are on the road.
  6. If the batteries die, they become heavy to pedal.
    If you are unable to charge the batteries or forget to do it, you should be ready for a tiresome ride. Since electric bikes are heavier than standard bikes, it gets harder to pedal if the batteries are dead. If you have to go for a long-distance without the charge, you will definitely feel the impact on your calves the following day.
  7. Prone to theft
    Since electric bikes are more expensive, they are targeted by thieves more than standard bikes. It means that you require good security to ensure the bike is safe when not in use.