5 Tips For Riding Your eScooter Safely In Public

  1. Wear A Modern Helmet

Wearing a well-fitted helmet may be one of the most obvious safety precautions to take when riding a motorized escooter, but its importance can’t be overstated. Furthermore, helmet designs and construction material technology have advanced significantly in recent years, and the newest designs are not only safer but also lighter to carry around and more comfortable on the head. Be sure to check out our latest range of safe, stylish, collapsible designs.

  1. Take Off The Headphones

When whizzing down the street on a long, sunny day, blasting out your favorite cruising music seems only natural, but for everyone’s safety, you need to focus your full attention on your surrounding. What’s more, many modern headphones have excellent noise isolation features, which make it difficult to hear sounds from your surroundings, such as approaching traffic and pedestrians, even when your playlist is paused. So, ditch the headphones when riding.

  1. Use The Brakes When Traveling Downhill

When you’re exploring new parts of the city, or are in a rush to get to your destination, it can be easy to lose a sense of your speed. Owing to gravity, escooters can pick up lots of speed on steep downhill gradients, so it’s important to exercise liberal use of the brakes on downhill road segments, especially when driving in rain.

  1. Enter The Bike Lanes

If your city permits it, be sure to use the bike lanes. In most cities, bike lanes are for those traveling manually-powered and electric-powered bikes and scooters. Planning on visiting a new city on your scooter? Use Google maps before you set out to locate all the bike lanes in the area.

  1. Abide By Traffic Laws

Escooter riders have to obey the same traffic laws as other road users; this includes yielding to pedestrians, sticking to street-specific speed limits, and stopping at traffic lights. Check out our in-depth scooter safety guide for more detailed information regarding traffic laws.

Taking a proactive approach to care and safety is crucial for all riders, but it’s also important to buy a high-quality scooter that’s durable, dynamic, and equipped with the latest safety features.