How to Ride on an eScooter? Tips for Real Life Use!

Although each of us loves the idea of jumping on an escooter and scooting off into the sunset, some of us have no idea how. We put together this guide to all things electrical scooter, in order to help you out.

How to Ride your New eScooter ?

Let’s jump straight in so you can get to riding your new scooter, ASAP.

Before you Scoot…

Before we begin, let’s run through some safety procedures. You will want to ride only if you have a helmet that is clipped on under your chin. There’s no point wearing a helmet if you don’t fasten it.

Next, you will want elbows and kneepads if you are on your scooter. If you are younger, this isn’t a problem, if you are older, you may wish to wear denim or leather gear, not unlike a biker.

Make sure that you have both lights on at all times, that’s the front and the back. This helps you be seen by other road users and is particularly useful in bad weather and darkness.

Step 1 – Pretend you are on a Skateboard

Before we do anything else, let’s get the stance correct. When riding your scooter and not pushing yourself off, you should take up a stance that is much like a skateboarder or a surfer. This takes a while to master but those who are used to a skateboard, surfboard, or longboard, will already be used to this pose.

As an added aside, as you gain confidence and balance using your escooter, you will soon find you are steering using your feet. This is almost exactly the same as how you use a skateboard, but the handlebars are there to help you out.

Step 2 – Keep a light Grip

Your hands should be on the handlebars and ready to use the brakes if you have. Don’t grip the handlebars too hard or you risk hurting your wrists. If you put too much pressure on those handlebars at first, you are likely to pitch forward or become too tense to effectively operate your escooter.

If you find you are bending into it, adjust your posture so that your back is straight and see if you can raise the level of your handlebars. Similarly, you should never lock your knees while you scoot. Keep the knees soft with a little bend in them.

Step 3 – Positioning

You should take up a position as far back on the board as you can. You want to put some distance between your front controls and your feet so that you have as much control over the e-scooter as is possible. While in this position, stick to your surfboard stance and ensure you are only holding a light grip on the handlebars.

Step 4 – Push Off

With your position ready, take your least stable foot off the board and push off from the ground. When you start moving, engage the throttle by using whichever mechanism your e-scooter entails to start the power. When you get momentum, keep moving to keep it going. Put your foot down and engage the brakes when you want to stop.

Step 5 – Avoid Hazards

Using an e-scooter is much like using an ebike. You will need to avoid any of the hazards on the road to make sure you don’t come off, and you will need to keep your grips light or risk sore wrists.

Step 6 – Practice, Practice, Practice!

That’s all there is to it! We would suggest that you practice both your technique, and your reaction to emergency situations. As with a car, you need to be able to stop ASAP if something bad happens. Practice every chance you get and make sure you keep that battery charged… you never know when you are going to need it!

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