Accolmile Explorer eBike


Get the very best there is in the go everywhere ebike. The Accolmile Explorer eBike is sure to keep you going everywhere and anywhere. It’s hydraulic fork and shock means you can be sure you can be safe and comfortable tackling just about anything you will meet on the road. Not only will you comfy, but the electric motor means you will be powered on your journey all the time. The 250w motor can get you up to 25kph, and give you assistance for up to 100km’s. We think the Accolmile Explorer is the ultimate choice in ebikes.


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Power through the day with the Accolmile Explorer eBike. Make the world your oyster thanks to the bikes dynamic setup. If you are looking for an ebike you can take just about anywhere, then this is the bike for you. Thanks to its hydraulic shock absorber and lockable hydraulic front fork your bike will be well able for nearly anything you throw at it.

Accolmile Explorer eBike Specs

Not only will the bike be able to manage the rough and tumble, it will be able to power ahead with it’s 250w electric motor. With up to 100km of assisted pedalling you will be more than able to power up whatever hill, ramp or obstacle that comes in your way. Pair this with a 9-speed rear cassette and you will be set. Not only will you be able to go far, you will be able to go fast. The battery can get you up to a whopping 25kph, and the battery alone can take you up to 60km’s. Get the ultimate go everywhere bike with the Accolmile Explorer eBike

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Additional information


Colour: Black / White

Max Range – Assisted Pedalling: 100km Max Range, Pure Electric Mode: 60KM

Max Speed: 25kph

Rated Voltage: 36V

Charging Time: About 7-8H

Product Weight: 27kg

Speed Modes: 5

Maximum Load: 150kg

Waterproof: Yes

Accolmile Explorer eBike