Looking to get into the world of ebikes? The Fiido D2S is perfect for this. Offering you a powerful 250w motor that will keep you on the move for up to 60km. This motor, combined with the 6 speed Shimano cassette means you can tackle just about anything you will meet on your commute.


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The FIIDO D2S is a Version City Commuter Bike that features a 250W Motor, 16.5-inch Tires, a Max speed of 25km/h, a 7.8Ah Battery, and a SHIMANO 6-Speeds Shift. Available in White or Dark Grey, the Fiido eBike also includes a throttle-acceleration twist.

FIIDO D2S  – A Great Choice For Affordable Commuting

With rear shock absorbers and 6-speed shift, the cost-effective D2S features a foldable and lightweight design, which is a stress-free option, especially for urban rides.

Strong Motor

Power consumption is much lower with the use of a high-performance geared brushless motor with a maximum speed of 25km/h, and 20% stronger than normal gearless brushless motors, with a larger starting torque which ensures smoother upwind climbs.

Compact Size

D2S is ideal for users that have limited space for storage thanks to its 135cm X 40cm X 110cm compact size, and once folded this size is further decreased by half. This makes it very convenient to store under a desk, in your RV, or a closet.

6-Speed Shift on the FIIDO D2S

The D2S 6-speed variable system allows riders to change to a smaller gear for a faster speed riding, while the bigger gears are best for uphill climbs. The moped mode combined with the right speed ensures that riders get to enjoy effortless journeys.

Easy To Control

The 14-inch folding D2S electric bikes comes with mechanical disc brakes and an electric drive unit, which helps to improve daily riding experiences. This also ensures that the user can easily control the ebike and enjoy the ride.

The FIIDO D2S offers Stable Riding

The anti-slip texture covering and the 16-inch rubber pneumatic tires are durable and wear-resistant, making them suitable for use over different terrains. The shock absorber also enhances the steadiness of these bikes, which provides improved road comfort and adaptability.

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Additional information


Max Range – 60km

Max Speed: 25kph

Rated Voltage: 36V

Charging Time: About 4-5H

Product Weight: 19kg

Maximum Load: 120kg

IP Rating: IP4