Get the bike that is perfect for your commute, offering you the ability to travel long distances with ease. The 6 speed Shimano cassette is going to let you tackle any hill that you meet. Then when you get to your destination just fold up your bicycle and bring it in with you.


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The Fiido D4S 10.4Ah includes a 12-tooth flywheel and a 52-tooth large chain that adapts to various road conditions and offers a much more comfortable ride. The Fiido D4S bicycle comes with a large-capacity built-in battery design, a simple body, and beautiful lines. These bicycles also feature rear reflectors, front induction lights, an electric horn, and the ability to fold the bike in half. With 3 riding modes, including pedal assistant, moped, and normal. The Fiido D4S E-bike also includes a throttle-acceleration twist (moped).

Fiido D4S Shimano 6 Shifting Gears And 3 Riding Modes

The Fiido D4S provides 3 different riding modes combined with a gear-shifting capability with the Shimano 6 Gears Speed. These lightweight bicycles deliver an effective and swift performance for an outstanding riding experience.

The three riding modes include:

  • Pure Electric Mode
    Pedal Assist Mode
    Pedal Mode

Fiido D4S Inflatable 20 Inch Tires With Rear And Front Mechanical Disc Brakes

The 20-inch inflatable shockproof tires work seamlessly with the double-disc brakes, which make the bike more effective and stable when braking, which provides the rider with a safe and comfortable riding experience across all-terrain.

Fiido D4S 25km/h Max Speed 250W Motor

Fiido D4S provides a robust and powerful 250W motor that can handle 30-degree steep slopes, and deliver a maximum speed of 25km/h. With the use of a toothed and brushless motor, power consumption will be lower, while endurance is around 20% stronger when compared to standard brushless motors.

Maximum Load 120kg

The body of these bicycles is made from a lightweight, high-strength aluminum-alloy frame, which helps prevent rust. The tough, yet lightweight alloy aluminum frame can withstand a maximum weight of 120kg.

Red Taillights For Braking And Ultra-Bright Headlights

The red reflective taillights distinctively flash to warn vehicles and pedestrians, while the ultra-bright headlight improves safety, especially for night riding.

We stock a wide range of electric bikes. We also stock a number of ebikes from Fiido too.

Additional information


Max Range – 60km

Max Speed: 25kph

Rated Voltage: 36V

Charging Time: About 7H
Speed Modes: 3

Product Weight: 18.5kg

Maximum Load: 120kg

IP Rating: IP4