Fiido M21


Get one of the best ebikes around with the Fiido M21. Similar to the M21 Pro in its set up but one big addition in the form of a torque sensor. Get a smoother and more predictable power delivery from the 500w motor and power through to your destination.



Get yourself one of the best ebikes around in the form of the Fiido M21. It may look similar in terms of specs and appearance to the M1 and M1 Pro but it has one massive improvement – a torque sensor. What is a torque sensor? It is sometimes known as a cadence sensor and what it does is feels how much power you are applying to the pedals and feeds the power from the motor accordingly. The harder you pedal the more power the motor will send to the wheels. This will give you a smoother and far more predictable acceleration making the ride comfier and easier to handle.

On top of this you still get the amazing Fiido brand. The 500w motor is sure to keep you flying along any road, trail or incline you throw at it. Add to this the dual suspension setup with the massive 4-inch tyres and you are in for an easy and comfortable cycle. It has a 7-speed Shimano wide range freewheel letting you zip from A to B.

As for range, the M21 has plenty. Cover up to 100km in pedal assist mode and 65km in moped mode. You can travel in peace knowing that you have plenty of range left to keep going and going. When the time does come to recharge the battery, it only takes 9 hours which is massive considering the mileage you get.

Additional information


Max Range – 65km Moped Mode/100km Pedal Assist

Max Speed: 36kph

Rated Voltage: 48V

Charging Time: 9H

Product Weight: 32kg

Maximum Load: 120kg

IP Rating: IP54

fiido m21 ebike
Fiido M21