Mankeel Fat Tyre


The Mankeel Fat Tyre is a premium offering, with a huge 500w motor and chunky tyres. These two combined offer you a near unstoppable combination that is also super comfy for the rider. The big tyres shrug off nearly every bump and hump they will encounter. Add into this how compact it is when folded and you can bring the bike with you wherever you want.


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mankeel 500wOne good ebike that you should consider is the Mankeel Fat Tyre ebike that comes with 20 inch fat tires. There are currently many premium ebikes on the market and it can be quite challenging to choose just one. With that said, we will now take a closer look at the practical and premium features of this bike that make it a good option. The interesting thing about the Mankeel 500W ebike is that is balances practicality with electronic functionality while being quite simple to use. This bike can ride as far as 80km at a time, and weighs in at only 29 kg.

Mankeel Fat Tyre is Great on All Terrain

The Mankeel Fat Tyre’s 20 inch fat tires are suitable for all terrains and they are also anti-wear and anti-slip which ensures you will be quite comfortable while riding. Additionally, the front fork is shock absorbent and the 7 speed transmission performs quite well. The tires are of extremely good quality and they are also puncture resistant. This bike also has mechanical and disc brakes which increases the overall life span and prevents overheating from occurring. You can ride this bike in three modes and you can do so confidently without any worries since there is a significantly lower risk of chain dropping.

You can ride as far as 80km and the seat is very comfortable so you don’t have to worry about fatigue. There are also many different recharging options to choose from. If one of your main priorities is comfort, then this is the ebike you should get. The seat is extremely comfortable and the handlebar is also ergonomically designed. It is easy to remove the battery with a key lock within few seconds. You can also use a wall plug connection in order to charge the bike. The battery capacity is 36V10Ah and it also has a 36V vector controller and smart LCD meter.

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Additional information


Max Range – 80km

Max Speed: 25kph

Rated Voltage: 36V

Charging Time: About 4-5H

Product Weight: 30kg

Maximum Load: 150kg

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