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E-Scooters Offer a fast, affordable and convenient way to get around that helps lower pollution and congestion and has a positive impact on society!

About Us

Greenelectricscooters.ie is Ireland’s supplier of E-scooters, offering a wide range of the best e scooters for children and adults alike.

E-Scooters are a Gamechanger!

E-scooters provide a fast, convenient and green way to get around in an affordable fashion that reduces congestion and pollution. We passionately believe that eScooters are a game changing technology that can have a very positive impact on the way we travel and live our daily lives.

We aim to provide you with the best products on the market, provide you with independent buying advice and also great customer service, while also changing the way your travel on an everyday basis.

This game changing technology can change our everyday lives and in time will reduce people’s reliance on cars and transport that causes congestion and pollution on Dublin and other city’s streets and roads.

We work with brands to provide you with the best possible products on the market, in the hope of creating a cleaner, healthier future for all.


Why Choose An eScooter from Us!

Here are the 9 reasons you should choose us!

They’re Green!

E-scooters are created specifically to have a mode of transportation that can get you around without using fossil fuels. They don’t cost you in ongoing fuel costs because the only fuel they use is manpower. Make sure you put a good breakfast in the engine, and you can scoot all day long!

The Price of Fuel

We mentioned this briefly above – but if you are using an e-scooter, you aren’t using petrol or diesel. You can recharge using points throughout the country, from a steadily expanding list of supermarkets and gas stations offering the service. Electricity is so much cheaper than fossil fuels that your scooter will start paying for itself from the moment you use it.

Reduced Emissions

Along the environmental impact theme, an e-scooter is a great way by which we could cut the number of cars on our roads. If we are all getting about the city by way of e-scooter, we aren’t driving, riding in buses, or otherwise travelling in toxic transport. Besides anything else, it’s much more fun to jump on a scooter than it is to avoid other commuters’ eyes on the underground.

The Portability Factor

When you have an e-scooter instead of a car, there is no waiting by the roadside for the AA or the RAC to show up. They get a breakdown, and you pick them up and carry them home. Many models actually come so portable that you can fold them up and carry them on your shoulder. There is no risk of being stuck for a jump-start or of cleaning the snow off the windscreen, either.


If you opt for a highly portable, convenient e-scooter instead of your average choice of a car, you end up bypassing a whole lot of paperwork. You don’t need insurance, for one example, their maintenance fees are much lower, for another. For a third example: They can be driven on the road without owning a driving license.

Happier Neighbours

The reason for happier neighbours is two-fold. The first point is that your vehicle is much quieter than a car or van. This means they won’t be woken up when you come and go. As an additional bonus point in the neighbour’s category, you will find it much easier to park, and you can park wherever you like. If you are scared to leave it outside, you can lift it indoors with you. The point is that your neighbours will love you that little bit more because you bought an e-scooter.

Lower Monthly Outgoings

An e-scooter comes with lower costs on a rolling basis. From insurance to fuel, you will save money… although your electricity bill might go up slightly. What you will notice is the dramatic difference in maintenance costs. While cars need serviced, new wheels, and the occasional part – a scooter might need a new battery once in a while. They also don’t have to go through an MOT, so definitely something to think about.


As well as being all of these other wonderful things; a scooter is more versatile than a car. It can reach places that your vehicle can’t, with many a foldable model being taken on long hikes to make sections easier. They can get to more places than even the world-renowned mountain bike… and you can even use them in the cycle lane.

Excellent Customer Service

To complement our desirable collection of prized products in the Ireland, we aim to please each and every one of our customers. If you interact with our store, expect nothing but the friendliest responses, most knowledgeable replies, and the most helpful faces. We are here to make buying an eScooter in Ireland a cinch, so don’t be scared to ask!

FAQ About E-Scooters

Generally speaking, you will need to charge every 10 miles or so. This differs from model to model and more power is being accomplished all the time.

Asides from getting you wet, the rain can get into the workings of your electric scooter and do damage. For this reason, we tell our clients to avoid using them on wet days, if possible.

Producers will ensure the electronics of the scooter will not malfunction and harm you, but water and computers don’t go. Avoid using your scooter in the rain to be safe.

If you are concerned, look for a scooter with a high IP rating (6-9) as they have the most waterproofing.

You sit on the electric scooter in a similar manner to using a push scooter – but you should NEVER push it. This might damage parts of the battery-operated engine so be careful.

There are many brands, makes, models and designs to choose from. What the best electronic scooter is for you will vary because of this overwhelming number of options.

They are just like normal scooters, but they include a motor, so you can push yourself along or let the motor take you.


Many people use an electric scooter manually on flat plains, then use the battery for going up tough hills. This is fine but it will make your battery run out faster. Just keep this in mind while out on a long run.

You can buy either a grown up or a kids’ version, and the difference between the two is about a hundred pounds. Children’s models can be as little as e200, while adults can be as little as e300.

Of course! Although using them on the road is not considered safe use. Stick to bike lanes if you must minimise the chance of accidents.

children's scooter

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