How Often Should An Ebike Be Serviced?

Getting your ebike serviced frequently will ensure that it functions appropriately and lasts for an extended period. But how much does it cost to get your ebike serviced? How often should you get it serviced, and what should you expect?

Fundamentally, your ebike should get serviced after every 600miles or 1,000kilometres. Ensure you check its user manual as it lets you know how often you should have it serviced. It would also help to properly maintain your ebike, clean it frequently, and check the brakes, tires, and chain before each ride. Here is a good guide on cleaning an ebike

A Guide to eBike Servicing

This copy will help you learn everything you need to know about servicing your ebike, from when you should do it to a detailed explanation of how to take proper care of it at home when not getting professional service tune-ups. Read on to learn more about maintaining and servicing your ebike.

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Why Should You Service Your Ebike?

As with all vehicles, over time, ebikes experience wear and tear. However, unlike conventional bicycles, ebikes require more maintenance as they have a motor and multiple other parts.

It would be best to inspect your gearbox to ensure it is in excellent condition. Over time, the brake pads could get worn out, impacting the braking performance negatively. Note that the motor may develop problems after some time, and you may also have to replace the battery.

Your tires can gradually get worn out, losing their tread and air pressure. Lack of enough tread or air pressure can lead to an accident. Additionally, its chain could also wear out or get rusty, as will the spoke, which is crucial for smooth riding. Check out or guide on dealing with a rusty bike

It is worth mentioning that when stored incorrectly, like in a humid garage or in the rain, your ebike could experience wear and tear. Although, getting it serviced by a professional could clean it up and restore it to its optimum condition. Here’s a good guide.

How Regularly Should An Ebike Be Serviced?

We will go over a DIY service and at-home maintenance approach in a different section. We will focus on professional servicing in this section and how regularly your ebike needs it.

Perhaps the easiest way to establish how often your ebike requires servicing is by going over your owner’s manual that comes with the ebike. If you do not have one, you can always look it up on the manufacturer’s website. The manual will likely suggest servicing after a specific number of kilometres or miles ridden. This often varies depending on the model.

Generally, the recommended rule is to get your bike serviced after 600 to 900 miles, which is 1000 to 1500 kilometres.

If you ride your bike in extreme weather conditions and use it frequently, you need to take it for servicing more regularly than the standard recommendation. This means, after 500 miles, you should consider getting it serviced. On the other hand, you could get your bike serviced once a year if you store it properly and only take it for a quick spin on holidays or weekends.

What Requires Servicing On Your Ebike

Listed below are some of the parts in an ebike that require servicing.

– Battery: The ebikes battery has to be inspected to check if it is dying and requires replacing, which can be pretty costly.

– Motor: The motor requires inspecting to confirm that it is running smoothly.

– Drivetrain system and bearings: You have to ensure that the whole drivetrain system gets inspected. This will include checking nut tension and checking for grime and grease buildup.

– Tires: Tires require inspecting to confirm they have sufficient air pressure. Remember to check the tread too while at it. If the tread is worn out, ensure you get the tires replaced.

– Gears: You must ensure that the gears are tuned.

– Suspension: It is vital to get your ebikes suspension inspected.

– Spokes: The spokes require an inspection to confirm they are firm.

– Chain: Ensure that the chain is lubed, cleaned, and replaced if need be. Because of higher loads and torques from mid-drive motors, some ebikes may have a unique chain.

– Brakes: After some time, your brake pads are bound to wear off, meaning you will need to install newer brake pads. You may also need to get the brakes tightened.

What To Expect When Getting Your Ebike Serviced

Taking your ebike to get serviced is not a complicated process. Just take it to a technician who will carry out a full inspection of your ebike. However, you must ensure that the technician you work with has experience with the model and type of ebike you own.

Suppose it is your first time visiting the technician. They may suggest setting a servicing schedule that varies based on the level of inspection. For instance, they could suggest that you bring in your ebike for quick tune-ups and inspections every couple of months. Then, complete cleaning and deep inspections are done once or twice annually.

The type of service you are getting will determine whether or not you will have to leave your bike in the maintenance shop overnight or for a couple of hours. The technician will then work on your ebike by inspecting it for any issues, replacing or repairing worn-out parts, to bringing it to its optimum condition.

What Is The Cost Of Servicing An Ebike?

Many factors will affect how much you spend to get your ebike serviced. Generally, the costs will vary depending on the level of tune-up and inspection you require and what the technician you have visited charges. Although you should expect a tune-up and quick inspection to cost $75, a more thorough assessment will cost you $150. The charges may also depend on how long the technician has been in business and their experience.

Remember that the cost can always be higher if you need a specific part repaired or replaced. For instance, you may spend an extra $30 or more if you need your tires replaced. On the other hand, you will only pay $5 to $15 if the only thing you need to be replaced is your tire tube.

It would help to contact the dealer who sold you the ebike and ask them if they offer any inspection services. Generally, most dealers often provide free inspection services after the first couple of miles or a hundred kilometres or after the first couple of months. Some dealers may also offer you a discount on your first or second inspection, allowing you to save money.

Tips For Maintaining Your Ebike At Home

Besides getting your ebike serviced professionally, it is equally crucial that you take good care of your ebike at home. Below are some tips for maintaining your ebike at home, besides getting it serviced professionally.

– Check the wheels: It helps to quickly run your metal tool or screwdriver over the spokes on the bike’s wheels to make sure they are firmly in place. If the spokes are firmly in place, you should be able to hear a ping as you go over each spoke.

– Check the tires: Ensure you always check that the tires have sufficient air pressure. If they do not, put some air in but ensure that you do not put in too much air. Check your ebike manual to confirm the correct air pressure. To gauge the air pressure, you can utilize a tire pressure gauge. It would also be best to check the tread. Note that it is unsafe to ride your bike if you have less tread.

– Test the brakes: Always do a brake check to confirm that both brakes are fully functional before riding your ebike. Brake, then try and push the bike or have your ebike on a stand, spin the wheels, and apply the brakes.

– Charge the battery: Always leave your battery slightly charged if you plan to store it for a couple of months.

– Lube the chain: Essentially, this reduces friction and helps the chain run smoothly. Use wet lube in rainy weather or during winter and use dry lube that dries once applied if it is sunny and dry outside. Before every ride, do a quick check to ensure the chain is not loose.

– Clean your ebike: Wipe your ebike using a soft cloth when you are done riding it. Clean the chain and frame after a couple of rides during the weekends. Only use detergents designed for bikes when washing your ebike, and ensure you remove the battery before cleaning the bike.

Most things require taking care of, and so do ebikes. Taking care of them takes money and time. Most ebikes cost a couple of thousand dollars, so proper care and maintenance will go a long way in safeguarding your investment. You will have a fully functional ebike that keeps you moving, is safe to ride, and lasts longer. If you have any questions just ask us at GES