Electric Cargo Bikes: What You Need To Know

An electric cargo bike is essentially an electric bike modified with enough space to haul heavy goods, luggage, and pets, among other items. This is made possible thanks to their extended frames, specially designed to handle heavier cargo that a regular e-bike wouldn’t be able to. There are two types of electric cargo bikes, namely:

  • A front-loader electric cargo bike
  • The longtail electric cargo bike

Also known as ‘bakfeit’, the front-loader cargo bike was originally designed in the Netherlands with one unique characteristic. The cargo box is suspended between the front wheel and the rider, hence may sometimes look like a large suspended bucket.

The longtail cargo electric bike is essentially a regular e-bike with the rear end frame extended to allow for heavy cargo hauling. The longtail makes it easier for the rider to fit trailers, cargo boxes, and other attachments that can easily fit the electric bike. It is also worth noting that the rears are strong and sturdy, capable of comfortably accommodating two children or adults.

Electric cargo bikes provide a perfect solution for new challenges, especially for businesses dealing with food and goods delivery. As you might know, electric bikes are quite powerful and torquey, making it possible to haul goods with minimal effort. They are also easy and cheap to service.

Reasons To Ride an Electric Cargo Bike

If you have read this far, chances are you are interested or considering switching from a regular car to an electric car or even an electric bike. Many people in Australia have ditched their gas-powered cars for more efficient electric cars and bikes. One of the key reasons and benefits of owning an electric bike is that it is easy and cheap to maintain. You also never have to worry about rising fuel prices, as electricity is much cheaper.

With no engine or fuel tank, electric bikes make the most out of the available space, thus offering tons of storage. These are some of the reasons more, and more entrepreneurs in the food and drink market and construction materials use electric cargo bikes for their day-to-day services.

Benefits Of Electric Cargo Bikes

  1. They Are Cheaper to Run
    Electric cargo bikes are considerably much cheaper to run compared to fuel-powered vans/cars. They also offer almost the same payload capacity or even better than these vans and cars at 250 liters. The other good thing with electric cargo bikes is that you won’t have to pay for parking, road tax, or even petrol, saving you lots of money in the long run.
  2. Sustainable Transport
    Electric bikes use green energy, hence cleaner to run than regular vans. That said, you can be assured of a reduced carbon footprint when you switch to these cargo bikes.
  3. They Are Easy to Ride
    Thanks to pedal assist, riding up hilly terrain is relatively easier with minimal effort needed. The electric motor helps boost your speed up to 15.5 miles per hour, with a range of about 50 miles per charge. In addition to this, electric bikes make it possible to lane-split, making your daily commute less stressful as you can beat traffic easily.
  4. It Helps You Exercise
    The pedaling feature offers one a great opportunity to stay fit by exercising while on the move. Thus, you do not have to join the gym as the bike will serve that purpose quite well. Regular exercise goes a long way in keeping you fit and stronger for longer. Using it every day also means you will be healthier.

Reasons to use or buy an electric cargo bike

Electric cargo bikes provide an efficient and clean way to transport goods and cargo from one place to another. They are especially useful in last-mile deliveries and are quite affordable too. You can thus use these bikes to beat/ease congestion in the cities, stay fit, and reduce your carbon footprint even further.