Kugoo G-Max Scooter – Review

The Kugoo G Max is designed to be a sturdy scooter with a powerful electric motor and a top speed of 30km/h. The Kugoo is driven by a 500w Brushless Motor and is the perfect scooter for commuters. Easily foldable, it comes with smart app control and it’s own intuitive HD display.  We stock the Kugoo G Max.

Kugoo G-Max- Specs at a Glance
  • Water Resistance – IP54
  • Max Rider Weight – 100 Kg
  • Weight – 20 Kg
  • Range – 30 km*
  • Tested Top Speed – 35km/h
Kugoo G-Max – Features
  • Great Quality Chassis
  • Brushless 500w Motor is Powerful
  • Decent Battery Life
  • Rides well on a Variety of Road Surfaces
kugoo gmac brakes

Kugoo G-Max Technical Details

It is powered by a 500 W brushless type motor with maximum speed of 35 km/h. The battery is a 36 V and 10 AH capacity. You get 10 inches tyres and there are a total of 3 driving modes. It weighs just 20 kg and it has a LED light at the front. The frame is made of aluminium and magnesium alloy. It is 94 x 102 cm in size when open but when closed it shrinks to 72 x 102 cm.

Design and Materials Used in the Kugoo G-Max

The first thing you notice about this escooter is its beautiful design. It just looks splendid. The frame made of aluminum and magnesium alloy makes it feels stable. Also, this design gives it a modern and minimalistic look. As far as portability is concerned, it has a weight of 20 kg which should be manageable. Also, the handlebar has been completely redesigned which makes the scooter stable, comfortable, safe and easy to use.

You would also like its platform which is bigger than 7.9 inches. There is a solid silicon layer covering the platform that is designed to provide excellent grip for your feet. Also, it is easy to clean. You will also love the 10 inches tires. Even though this scooter doesn’t have a shock absorber system, you will never miss it due to the high quality wheels which are great at keeping you safe from vibrations or small ditches.

There is an LED light on the upper part of the handlebar. You can turn it on with the help of one of the buttons that is conveniently located near the handle. There is also a backlit display at the center of the handlebar. On this display, you will find the distance you have covered in kilometers, your current speed, gear you are currently using as well as the voltage of the electronic brake. Just like the design of the scooter, you’ll find the display to be extremely beautiful and it has been perfectly integrated with the handlebar. However, it has a big limitation as you will find it practically useless in direct sunlight. In simple terms, it is extremely challenging to read the information in direct daylight.

It has a disc brake in the rear. It’s an electrical brake and performs well even in wet conditions. There is an EBS system on the front. It comes equipped with regenerative braking. In fact, you can also customize it with the help of the companion app you get with this scooter.

Manage the EScooter Via App

This scooter comes equipped with a Bluetooth module. The Bluetooth module allows you to manage some of the functions with the help of the free application you can download for android as well as iOS devices. The app is again beautifully designed but has just a few functions.

You can find all the information on the central display through the app. The app also allows you to activate the cruise control though I personally would recommend keeping it deactivated. It also allows you to manage regenerative braking. It also has an anti-theft feature which allows you to keep the wheel locked through your app. However, there is a big limitation with this feature. No password is needed to associate the app with the scooter. In short, the scooter can be locked by the app but anyone can install this app and pair it with your scooter which means they can also unlock the scooter. Kugoo should have given more thought to this feature.

Engine & Motor Info

You get a powerful 500 W brushless engine with the scooter and it is paired with a battery that isn’t properly sized for the engine. You get a 10 AH, 36 V battery. I feel that the battery limits the potential of the scooter. However, Italy has a law which prohibits the scooter to exceed the speed of 25 km an hour.

When it comes to uphill power, your Kugoo G-Max is going to perform really well. It is capable of carrying a maximum load of 100 kg uphill without any issues. There are a total of 3 gears available in the scooter and you can change the gear as per your needs or as per the terrain. You might find it difficult to manage the speed in direct sunlight as display isn’t clearly visible.

kugoo gmax mobility

One thing I like about the Kugoo G-Max is that its performance doesn’t get affected by the amount of charge remaining in the battery which was the case with Kirin M4 Pro. The engine power is constant and uniform regardless of the charge remaining in the battery.

Battery Life of the Kugoo G-Max

Theoretically, you should get 32 km of range with a single charge on the Kugoo G-Max but as you are already aware, the range depends on a number of factors. The range is affected by various parameters such as type of road surface, steep climbs, weight on the scooter, number of regenerative braking actions and various other factors. I tested it and I was able to cover a distance of around 27 km before the battery needed to be charged again. Overall, it’s a nice range for a scooter. Among the best in class for these models. Kugoo also produce kids electric scooters too.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, I found Kugoo G-Max to be a beautiful and powerful scooter. The 10 inches tire make it suitable for all kinds of road surfaces. It  has a wide platform and solidly built frame. The locking system is fine if they manage to fix its limitations. It is true that there are a few things that need work such as display that becomes useless in the daylight, the accompanying application as well as the horn which does not seem all that useful on an scooter. However, if you don’t really have a budget and want to get your hands on one of the best electric scooters available on the market, the Kugoo G-Max is the right choice for you.