Liffey Cycle Path Plans Shelved

In bad news for cyclists across the Irish capital, it has been revealed that plans for the Liffey Cycle Path are indefinitely on hold, due to spiraling cost estimates. The latest costing revealed that the Path would cost around 5 …

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How Environmentally Friendly is an eScooter?

As your ride your escooter, you are more likely to feel so good. You may also feel happy since you know escooters are environmentally friendly.  If you want to get around the city, you can invest in an escooter. It …

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greener world with electric scooters

Saving the World – Can eScooters Help?

COP26 has come and gone and as we can see there are so many people looking for better ways to live in harmony with nature and our natural environments. But it is every day that we should be making steps …

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