Liffey Cycle Path Plans Shelved

In bad news for cyclists across the Irish capital, it has been revealed that plans for the Liffey Cycle Path are indefinitely on hold, due to spiraling cost estimates. The latest costing revealed that the Path would cost around 5 …

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How Environmentally Friendly is an eScooter?

As your ride your escooter, you are more likely to feel so good. You may also feel happy since you know escooters are environmentally friendly.  If you want to get around the city, you can invest in an escooter. It …

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greener world with electric scooters

Saving the World – Can eScooters Help?

COP26 has come and gone and as we can see there are so many people looking for better ways to live in harmony with nature and our natural environments. But it is every day that we should be making steps …

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commute to work

Commuting On An eScooter – Is It For You?

The new escooter legislation coming to Ireland towards the end of 2021 will herald a dramatic increase in escooters on our roads. For commuting, escooters make sense on a financial, green and also in terms of increasing the amount of …

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A Look at The eScooter Experience Across Europe

Escooters have gained in popularity.  However, they remain novel as a transportation method. How they are used in Europe can take on different paths with rules that are subject to change.  This is especially the case after horrible incidents, such …

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Irish roads

Calls For eScooter Insurance on Irish Roads

Transport Infrastructure Ireland reveals that the lack of rules and regulations on the usage of electric scooters will bring about challenges for policymakers in the country. The state body in charge of the national road network demands that e-scooters should …

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