Child EScooter Buyer’s Guide

EScooters for children are extremely popular as toys and gifts as they encourage children to get out in the fresh air and can be a fun, exciting toy to enjoy. This buyer’s guide is here to help you decide on what you need to consider when purchasing an escooter for your child.

Considerations when Buying an eScooter for your Child

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Here are three factors to take into consideration before you buy an escooter for your kid:

The weight of your child – The weight limit of many escooters for kids is 120 pounds. Your kid may weigh under 120 pounds. However, if the child carries schoolbooks inside their backpack, it can push the weight over the weight limit.

The age of your child – On this page, we only recommend escooters for children who are 8 years and older. We recommend non-escooters for children younger than 8 years.

The distance your child has to go – If your child will ride the escooter to and from school, you might want to consider the distance your child will travel. Is it a longer distance? If so, get your child an escooter with a better range. Your child will not have to push the escooter home.

Factors to Consider Before You Select an eScooter

Consider where your child will mostly ride their escooter. Is it up and down your driveway? It is to and from their school? Is it around your local park? Is it around your neighbourhood? There are special wheels in some escooter models. The wheels are perfect for specific terrain. It is better to check the model of escooter first to ensure the model is ideal for the terrain where your child will use their scooter. Select a model that can handle the riding style and preferences of your child.

How to Select an eScooter Designed for Kids

The manufacturers design escooters for children from the ground up. That is why there are several features in these escooters. The features make the scooters safe to ride, so they are perfect for both youngsters and teenagers.

Even though escooters for kids are subject to the same laws as the models for adults, the manufacturers design these kid’s models for fun and enjoyment, especially as playthings and toys. They do not design them to get you from A to B.

The seated and three-wheeled designs offer greater stability, light-up versions, and multiple colorways. All these add style and personality.

Downsized Versions of the Real Thing

The escooters for kids are downsized models of electric scooters for adults. It is easy to ride the children’s escooters because of their design. The children’s escooters have a small frame size. Additionally, you will find smaller handlebars, decks, wheels, batteries, motors, and so on throughout the escooter.

You need to pay attention to the weight of your child. If your child is growing fast, then you know it is difficult to keep up with how quickly children grow. You can select an escooter that your child can grow into.

Manufacturers suggest age ranges, so we recommend you follow the suggested age ranges.

As a parent, you are encouraged to consider the level of escooter ride your kid is capable of. This is due to safety. You need to consider what your kid is capable of riding. If your child cannot fit comfortably on an escooter, do not let your kid ride that scooter.

EScooter Safety Tips for Kids

Scooters are great fun for children and can be a great way to encourage them to be active. However, safety needs to be a priority. Children can enjoy escooters safely as long as they follow the tips below:

Wear a Helmet

59% of parents reported that they ensure their child is wearing a helmet before riding a skateboard, bike, or scooter as reported by the national poll at the University of Michigan (It was initially in The New York Times). Avoid being among the 61% of parents whose children do not wear helmets. You can get your child a helmet, such as the Woom Bikes USA kids’ helmet, the Bell Rally child helmet, or the Razor V-17 youth multisport helmet. One of the best choices is the Woom helmet because it fully covers the head.

There are laws in just under half of the states requiring 17-year-old children and under to wear helmets as they ride bicycles. However, there are laws in almost all states about wearing helmets while riding low-powered cycles, including escooters.

You can invest in elbow and knee pads to provide extra protection for your child. Make sure the set contains wrist guards. It is a good idea to get reflective gear, especially if your child will ride their escooter in the evening.

Add Lights, Horns, and Bells

It is cheap to buy many escooters for children because they lack lights, horns, or bells. Luckily, it is cheap to buy the lights, horns, or bells and you can find them on the internet or at your local bike shop. We recommend you add a bell to the scooter’s handlebars.

Do Not Buddy Up

Children love to have fun together. Remind your child that it is not a good idea to buddy up with their friend. There is a weight limit on every scooter. If your kid and their friend are under the weight limit, do not let buddy up. It makes it difficult to balance and steer the escooter.

Check Local Laws and Regulations

According to a Consumer Reports survey, over 1 in 4 riders do not know the traffic laws relating to riding escooters. If you are not sure about your local traffic laws, check the rules in your city. You cannot ride an escooter on sidewalks in most cases. Instead, you can ride your escooter on bike lanes and the road with cars. If you are uncomfortable about your child riding on busy roads, you can map out a route for your child. Your child can avoid the streets with high car traffic and also with several pedestrians.

Use Hand Signals

You can teach your child to use hand signals on the road. You can even teach them the DMV-mandated signals for stopping, turning right, and turning left. They can come in handy as your child rides their escooter. Make sure your child knows all the hand signals and knows how to use them on the road. This will keep your child safe on the road. However, it is not easy to use hand signals when riding an escooter.

Do Not Haul Extra Weight

If your child will ride their escooter to their school, they will carry a backpack. Do not let them hang their backpack or their sweater on the handlebars because it makes it difficult to balance the scooter. If your child wants to carry something on the scooter, you can get them an escooter with storage space or basket.

Check for Defects

You will need to assemble an escooter before your child rides it. For example, for Razor E100, the handle is attached to the base before your child rides the scooter. Once you assemble the scooter, inspect it to ensure it is safe to ride.

Firstly, do a visual inspection to make sure you have connected everything correctly and ensure the wheels are in place and inflated.

Secondly, charge its battery to full power. You can even take the escooter for a test ride. Try the brakes and throttle really hard to check them out. If there are defects in the escooter, do not hesitate to get in touch with the manufacturer.

Teach Your Child How to Safely Ride an EScooter

The wheels of escooters are small, so they cannot handle potholes and bumps like cars. You can take your child around your neighborhood before they ride on their own. Teach your child how to take off, hit the brakes, accelerate and decelerate, and maneuver around sticks on the roads and uneven sidewalks.escooters come with safety instructions. Refer to the safety instructions of the manufacturer as you teach your kid how to safely ride their new escooter.