Kids Electric Scooter in Ireland

Looking for a kid’s electric scooter? We provide a high-quality range of fully safety-tested electric scooters for children in Ireland. Our range is excellent for bringing a full-fun experience for the adventurous child. Our scooters for children are high quality products that your child will love and are perfect for your young thrill seeker in your life and will provide hours upon hours of fun. 

Electric scooters for kids are the perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas or a very special treat and when teamed up with a helmet are a fun and safe way to pass the time outside for the young adventurer in your life. 

We stock a range of electric scooters with our x model being suitable for children of ages 8 years and older and our y model of electric scooter perfect for teenagers as it looks essentially like a full sized model foldable electric scooter. Our e-scooters for children are well manufactured and reliable, with shorter braking distances and lower speeds than adult scooters – meaning they are perfect for enjoying on private property. 

So, if you’re interested in an electric scooter for your child then take a look at our range below. 

Things to Consider When Buying a Kid’s Electric Scooter

Consider the following things to ensure your child has a safe time playing on their e-scooter.

Is an E-Scooter for Kids Reliable?

Before we talk about anything else, there is one sure-fire way to make sure you buy a great product… and that’s to check out other customer’s reviews. If there are a ton of parents singing the praises of your choice in child’s electric scooter, the chances are your little one will love it and it will be built to last.

If the reviews of the kid’s electric scooter are awful, start looking elsewhere. We’d like to take this moment to assure you that our children’s electric scooters have been fully vetted for your safety and fun and we offer them over a wide price range.

Is a Kids Electric Scooter Safe?

The second question on any parent’s lips is whether or not the e-scooter is safe. As well as the e-scooter, you should invest in some elbow and knee pads for your little love, as well as a helmet. Drum into your child that they should never be on the child’s electric scooter without their helmet on. The same is the case for bikes – take from that what you will.

This should be the first step in safety in terms of an electric scooter for kids and also kids bikes. Be assured that no e-scooter that fails a safety check – even one – is made available for sale. A lower speed will also ensure safety, which brings us to our next point on electric scooters for kids.

Motor Capacity of a Children’s Electric Scooter

Electronic scooters can get up to 24 mph without any alterations to the engine. If you choose a scooter that goes this fast, you are risking your child.

Pick one whose motor is limited to 8-10 mph. This is more than fast enough to be thrilling, but less than fast enough to do serious damage if they fall off.

You can get this degree of power from a 250 watt scooter engine. While this might be fine for those under the age of ten, your average teen is going to want a bit more power than that. Again, limit them to 15-20 mph and don’t go for the full strength model.

You might even mix it up for them somewhat by providing an off-road type e-scooter. This way, they can use it on the bike tracks and explore more countryside.

Legislation in your Area

Before you commit to buying your kid’s electric scooter, take a glace over your local legislation. If you happen to be in an area where you aren’t allowed to drive them on the road or pavement, we recommend buying your child the off-road type of e-scooter.

If you live in an area where they are allowed on the road and sidewalk – then great! You do need to give your child the talk about road use, however.

Some states in the US don’t allow those under 16 or 18 to buy and ride an electric scooter, so keep that in mind and always check before you buy. Be wary of the helmet laws too. If you scare your child by telling them they can get arrested for not wearing a helmet while they scoot that should be enough to make them safer.

Size of the Electric Scooters for Kids.

The size of electric scooters varies depending on age range. The best thing to do is to pick one that is appropriate for the age of your child. It isn’t the kind of thing they will grow into. Rather, a five year old couldn’t operate a ten year old’s scooter, or vice-versa.

Weight of the Kids Electric Scooter

You should check the maximum weight capacity on each scooter you plan to buy to ensure it won’t buckle under your child’s weight. This is especially true of off-road electric scooters, since these are often used for tricks and jumps. If your child lands badly and snaps the frame, they might get hurt. Don’t allow it.

Charging and Range

Check the charging time of any new child’s electric scooter for kids that you purchase. Lengthy charging times might put you off purchasing, particularly if your child uses the scooter for school.

Shopping Experience and Customer Service

Another important part of purchasing an electric scooter for kids is the shopping experience and the customer service. We provide excellent service and offer home delivery as well as a selection of payment methods on top of great customer support after purchase. 

Miles Done

Also known as the range of the scooter, you need to think about how many miles your kid’s e-scooter can do before it runs out of battery. If it is less than that crucial school run, rethink and buy another.

Some kids e-scooters have a range of ten miles, some twenty. Whichever it is, be sure to check that it covers you for the entire length of the travel distance your child does in a day.

On the other hand, if it runs out of battery it will encourage them to scoot more

Children and E-Scooters: the FAQs

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Keeping it E-Scooter Safe

The main thing about choosing an E-scooter for your child is that you do your research and keep it safe. If you have read this far? Congratulations. Your child is likely to be as safe as houses and under your supervision while they play. 

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