Electric Bike in Ireland

Electric bikes could be the game changing form of transport we require as we move into a new greener age. We believe that electric bikes have the potential to solve many of our packed-train problems.

New cycle paths across Ireland, better battery life and an increase in policy to encourage cycling means that an electric bike in Ireland is an increasingly wise choice. 

There are plenty of reasons to choose an electric bike in Ireland and below we showcase our models and also review some of the better reasons why an electric bike could be the best thing for you 

Switching to electric bikes for your morning commute could be the best thing you ever did!

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E-Bikes Offer Ireland a Sustainable, Practical Choice

The e-bike is two wheels of easy cycling fun, but what other benefits does it have? Read on to find out why you should buy an e-bike, asap.

1 – Save $

That’s right – an E-bike saves you money. Instead of forking out for petrol or gas, ongoing car maintenance costs, or ticket prices on trains, you could spend your weeks commuting fees on an E-bike and never look back. Electric bikes let you pedal when you want to, use the motor to get you uphill, and never needs an MOT. The only viable question is why we’re not all riding one…?

2 – Electric Bikes are Environmentally Friendlier

Tired of filling your car with petrol only for it to spew toxic fumes into the atmosphere? Is non-leaded petrol no longer doing it for you? If you want to be more sustainable in your daily travel choices, an E-bike will make that switch for you, without the ongoing vehicle costs you are used to.

The electric bike starts to offload the carbon cost to make it from the moment you start using it. It’s the ultimate in sustainable transportation and, if you want to be super-E-friendly, all you need to do is switch your electricity supplier to a renewable energy provider. Done.

3 – EBikes are Ireland’s New Normal

Recent studies have shown that more and more of us are turning to the electric bike as a favoured mode of transportation. By replacing the car, bus, and train with the ebike, we are making ourselves healthier, boosting planetary health, and getting more fresh air.

The more people we have on the roads on e-bikes, the more the cycling infrastructure is put in place. Once solidified, the streets of the west will be more like the streets of the Netherlands, and less like the streets in Mad Max. More infrastructure means more roads with facilities for cyclists and even less road fatalities all round.

The ebike is well on the way to making cycling the new normal, particularly for city-dwellers. Join the revolution or be left behind in the dust.

4 – The Exercise Factor

If you want to get fit, you ought to be performing at least 150 minutes of exercise, every week and electric bikes are the way to do this. If you want to lose weight then you need to do 200-250 minutes (Mayo Clinic, 2020). The electric bike is much like an exercise bike that will help you achieve this… excepting, of course, that electric bikes aren’t static.

If you switch out your daily commute to the electric bike, you are essentially giving yourself that whole time of the journey as a daily exercise activity. This will make your heart healthier, since it is counted as cardiovascular activity. This sort of activity gets the blood pumping, increases oxygenation, allows you to build muscle, and deals effectively with that visceral fat.

Let’s not forget the posture element, either. Those that cycle often are better at keeping that back straight and those shoulders down than the rest of us. If you spend all day working in an office at a computer, this exercise activity might even solve your bad back problems. There’s only one way to find out, isn’t there? So, get on your e bike!

5 – Electric Bikes Promote Better Mental Health for Ireland

If you are finding the dark days of winter too much to handle, or even if summer days seem bleak and empty, then you may be in mental health distress. To make sure you snap out of it, plenty of fresh air and exercise – as well as a trip to your GP – are required.

Studies have shown that it is vitally important for us to get enough vitamin D to fight the free-radicals in our bodies. Vitamin D is produced in response to daylight, which is why it is so important to get out there and keep fit, particularly in the winter months. Don’t knock it until you try it… it could be all you need to keep you on the right side of happy during your commute. Ano

6 – It’s Non-Impact

For those of us with aching legs and feet, or who work on your feet all day, biking on an e bike is low-impact. Your electric bike won’t hurt your legs or feet further, so give it a go – even if you usually abstain on account of bad health.

7 – Getting Back to Biking

For those that are recovering from an injury, or that formerly loved cycling but had to stop for some reason, the e-bike is the ideal answer. It will give you all the support you need while you build up those leg muscles and get yourself back to your old strengths.

Biking on electric bikes can improve your health no matter your age and has been tipped as one of the best ways for older people to stay fit. You don’t need to pay gym fees and you don’t have to fork out for memberships when you have an e bike. Just get on your e bike – literally – and pedal for all you are worth.

FAQs About Electric Bikes

Here, we attempted to answer some of the more commonly asked questions regarding the electric bike Ireland

No! You can hop on it and start without any extra paperwork. You should really keep it off the sidewalk/pavement, but it is entirely up to you. Remember to check local laws about where you can ride it.

The answer to this question depends entirely on where you live. In most places, you can ride anywhere you like. In some places, you need to stay off the pavement or sidewalk. In all regions, off-road biking is considered a fantastic experience for those with the right type of e-bike.

It can take anything from 1-4 hours to fully charge your e-bike. The packs are very fast at recharging when compared to their counterpart: the E-scooter. The charge will last for a full day of cycling – but maybe longer, depending on how new your model is. Don’t forget that e-bike technology is improving every day.

Not really, no. There are some models that claim you can do this, but the technology isn’t quite there yet. In reality, cycling spares your battery because you are not relying on it to get around. It is possible to ride your electric bike using the motor continuously but be aware that this will run it down faster.

No, this is urban myth. Although if your bike is a particularly cheap make, allowing it to fully run down before you recharge your e-bike is the best way to maintain your battery for longer.

Everyone knows that lithium-ion batteries will degrade over time and might end up needing replaced. To make your e-bike last as long as possible, don’t leave it in the charge too long and don’t keep it topped up all the time. You should allow minimise your bikes exposure to excessive heat or cold.

As long as you charge it properly, and as long as you look after it, all the e-bike will cost you to keep it on the road is a little electricity. If you are on top of your energy bills, you could absorb the travel costs you would usually spend on getting around town into your energy bills and pay it up in your usual instalments.

Having an electric bike is one of the cheapest ways to travel around. Get one for your child’s school commute and the whole family can be creating a more sustainable future, one journey at a time.

Clean your bike with a soft cloth and hot soapy water. If you want to, invest in some specialist bike cleaner to get in and about the really dirty parts. As a general rule, they don’t need all that much cleaning because the people who use them tend to be adults who avoid puddles… but you never know.

The electronics are usually sealed inside a protective sheath. However, you shouldn’t operate anything electrical in very heavy rain, just to be on the safe side. Similarly, keep your bike out of snow and ice, since it represents a danger to you in case you fall.

Don’t leave your electric bike out in hot weather either. All of this is more to protect the battery than it is a safety matter. If your battery is spared extreme heat, wet, or cold, it will last you much longer before you need to replace it. Batteries are expensive, so when it does come time to switch it out it might even be cheaper to buy a whole new bike. Definitely something to think about before you decide to go for your daily commute in the rain, snow, or heat.

Everyone! from the child exploring the world to the businessperson on their daily commute. electric bikes save the planet, make you healthier, and save you cash. What’s not to love?

More and more people are uncovering this safe, eco-friendly mode of transportation every single day. Be one of the millions and we will welcome you with open arms… and a brilliant e-bike to suit your needs!

No, but we understand the confusion. An e-scooter will usually incorporate a throttle for full use. An e-bike only requires for you to jump on and start pedalling, though.

You can choose from our vast selection of e-bikes and be assured that we have something for everyone

There are cheaper models of e-bike out there, but they really do suffer in terms of battery life, charge, and having to replace them. The cheaper the e-bike, the more likely it is to fall apart on your mid-journey. Also, they tend not to last too long.

As always, the choice is yours. We would advise that you use a reputable brand and that you always buy the best electric bike that you can afford. If you are buying an e-bike for a child, never opt for the cheapest model. Instead, buy the safest. It only makes sense.

No, they don’t have that throttle attached so you will find they stand still without pedalling. You need to move them to kick the technology into starting, but once you are on the go and you stop cycling, the motor will cut in and keep your momentum going.

This technique of operation means that the bike can support you up and down hills without you having to do anything. In the EU, propelled bikes are classed as a different level of transportation and will require a license – so be careful!

Most models of e-bike will be able to go around 15 mph pretty easily. With modifications, they will go faster. With you at the pedals, they will go faster again. Bikes can easily get up to 30 miles per hour while you are pedalling, but if you are relying on the motor alone you can expect to go no faster than that 15 mph.

Tips To Increase E-Bike's Range

1. As evident as it may seem, ensure the e bike battery is fully charged because it is relatively easy to forget to charge the battery, especially after a long day at work. Make it part of your routine to charge the battery immediately you get home.

2. Remember, you can always pedal hard to increase your electric bikes range. Pedaling is another tip many people are likely to forget. Picture this, you have had a change of plans in town, or you need to run extra errands, but you are unsure if the remaining battery life will sustain you. What do you do? That’s right. Pedal hard!

You do not always have to let the electric bikes battery drain completely every day of the week. I recommend that you reduce the assist setting or use less throttle and pedal more instead of actively discharging the battery to the end. I have pedaled several times without completely draining the battery.

Mastering the timing of pedaling is another big tip. The e-bike consumes plenty of battery power when you set off and accelerate from a standstill position. On the other hand, you will conserve plenty of power energy if you can take off pedaling hard. You can also increase the bike’s range by pedaling a little harder when going up the hill – hills consume plenty of energy.

3. Ride slow to beat wind drag. Opposing wind forces significantly drain your e-bike’s battery power. The trick is to ride the bike a little slower to reduce wind drag and extend the bike’s range. Also, windy days may be the right time to enjoy a quiet ride because it is relatively safe.

4. How about a second charger? You will need more range if you are to cover a long distance going to work and possibly run other errands after work. It would be a great idea to have another charger at your workplace where you can charge your e-bike battery. The good thing is that the cost of energy to charge an e-bike is almost insignificant, so you do not have to worry about energy bills.

5. How about a second battery? You can always buy a second battery as a useful e-bike accessory to increase your range. A second battery is a worthy investment when you have to cover a relatively long distance/ride or have extra errands to run beyond what the first battery can sustain.

A second battery is a popular incentive with some manufacturers, where they offer you the option to add a second battery to add more range. You can confirm with your e-bike’s manufacturer or check with your local store for more details.

6. Maintain the tire pressure. Tire pressure is a secret tip that can make a big difference in how much electric or pedaling energy is required to move around on your e-bike. Low tire pressure makes an e-bike move slowly. At the same time, inflated tire pressure will cause a very rough ride.

The recommended tire pressure for standard city-style e-bikes is between 50 and 60 psi. I recommend you use the following floor pump.

7. It may be time to replace the old battery. After a particular duration, the range for a given battery will surely decrease by normal obsolescence. I recommend replacing the old battery if you have experienced such a reduction in your e-bike’s range. Contact your e-bike’s manufacturer for guidance or visit your local electric bike shop for assistance.

8. Use the regenerative braking feature. There is a form of bike system with the regenerative braking feature, e.g., Bionx, that converts the motor into a generator that serves as a brake and recharges the battery a little. Note: There is a debate as to how much energy is recouped via regenerative braking.

Usually, the regenerative braking feature is activated through a sensor located on one of the brake’s levers (often the level of the rear brake).

9. Practice proper battery maintenance. If possible, it is best to store the battery at room temperature; cold or hot temperatures may damage the battery.

It is also a great idea to keep the battery charged even when you are not planning to use your e-bike during the winter seasons. The best practice is to store the battery set even if you have to recharge the battery after every two months. Do not leave the battery plugged into power for more than24 hours.

10. Put lubricating oil on the chain. Lubricating the chain improves pedaling efficiency and enhances any motor’s efficiency that powers through the cranks of the bike, such as Panasonic or Bosch.

After oiling the chain, allow it to sit for a short while (few minutes), and then you can use a rag to wipe off any surplus oil.