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Why Buy an Electric Scooter in Ireland from Green Electric Scooters?

We offer the electric scooters Ireland requires to move into the 2020s. Green Electric Scooters offers great value, selling our various models of electric scooter online across Ireland. Our curated selection of Xiaomi scooters, Segway Scooters and Kugoo scooters is excellent and covers all bases and needs.

Electric scooters are the transport system for the future of Ireland With models made for young and old alike, the e scooter promises to be the revolutionary transportation system of the future. With all shapes and sizes of e-scooter in production, you are subjected to an overwhelming choice before finding the right scooter for you… and that’s where we come in…we offer the best electric scooters in Ireland.

We are pleased to present some of the very finest in scooters, through our business allowing you to buy quality electric scooters in Ireland. We have the biggest names in known scooter brands, have a wealth of information on riding electronic scooters in Ireland, and offer full guidance and services on how to navigate the e scooter world as a consumer. Stick with us and you will never take a taxi again!

As the modern world is turning towards electric transportation more and more as time passes. With pollution at record highs and carbon footprints everywhere skyrocketing – the e-scooter offers the simplest answer in inner city transportation. The Electric-Scooter transport system is already operating with business and services on the streets of Milan, in the markets of Bangkok, and in the suburbs of Paris… yet still there is resistance to this novel transportation concept.

Stay awhile, give us five minutes, and let us convince you of the worth of Electric Scooters on Irish roads. This knowledge could just change your life…

5 Reasons to Buy an E-Scooter in Ireland from Us

There are loads of brilliant reasons why you should rush out and buy your first electric scooters, right now. Here are our favourite five benefits to owning electric scooters…

1 – Electric Scooters Offer Freedom of Movement

There are models of scooters that come fully foldable. You can break them down into parts, put them in a bag or on a dolly, and carry them with you across rough terrain.

For the average consumer, this means you can take them to work with you, put them in the elevator, carry them upstairs into your office, and basically not have to pay for parking all day.

This makes for a highly versatile e scooter which you can take with you anywhere. If you have a sturdier model, they can easily be taken hiking deep into the countryside. If you have a lightweight city model, they will be brilliant at carrying you safely through the streets, to be folded away in a desk drawer until you need them to get home.

2 – Environmental Impact of an Electric Scooter for Adults

Electric scooters cost the carbon it takes to make them, then they spend every other moment of their lives giving back. They don’t emit gasses or harmful toxins, they don’t use oil or other chemicals taken from the earth, and they don’t use fossil fuels.

Put together, this makes for a wonderfully versatile, environmentally friendly product that can be taken anywhere you go. From the moment electric scooters are produced, they give back.

3 – E Scooters are Neighbour-Friendly

An electronic scooter doesn’t have the engine noise of a car or other forms of transport. So when you come home at 4 am on your e scooter, you won’t wake the neighbours. This might be just enough to keep on a communities good side, you never know.

They also don’t give off any nasty fumes or take up parking space on the roadside… all of these are a great item when it comes to keeping tlocal communities happy.  Additionally, their maximum range of the item is far longer than the average urban trip.

4 – Exercise!

The daily commute is boring for most of us, particularly if you rely on the subway or the bus to get to work. Using an scooter, you can improve your own health and wellbeing, as well as waking yourself up properly before you go to work.

E Scooters are a fantastic way to inject some exercise and energy into your day. If you are trying to lose weight, an electric scooter could be just the product you need.

5 – Health Benefits of Using Electric Scooters for Adults

As well as the health benefits from exercise, using e scooters every day comes with a range of other health benefits. It’s not just about avoiding the sedentary lifestyle, it’s about fresh air, exploration, and your sense of adventure. Motorised e scooters are a mentally healthy item. That’s definitely something to think about in the long, dark winter months.

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FAQs About Using an Electric Scooter Ireland!

If something has gone wrong with an e scooter you purchased from us, then please do contact us. Our dedicated team will do everything
within their power to rectify things on your behalf.

How to Ride an E Scooter

Getting Started with Electric Scooters

It takes time and practice to get used to riding a scooter, even though it is easy to use. It is just like riding a bicycle. However, it is easy to drop a heavy scooter the first time you drive it on the street after home delivery.

It is vital to find a safe place for practicing, especially if you are a beginner or someone who has never ridden a scooter in several years. Choose a large practice space with little to no traffic to ride these items. The best choices are back roads and parking lots.

Avoid uneven terrains, such as bike lanes or paths, if you are still improving your scooter riding skills. If you are interested we do stock electric bikes too. 

You need a large area to learn how to ride your scooter. And make sure there is no traffic and obstacles in that area.

Basic Steps

To ride your scooter, flip the latch at bottom of the steering column and unlock the scooter. Then, raise your scooter in a full, upright position.

Press the on switch to power up your scooter. If your scooter has an LED display, go through the information, especially the life indicator of the battery and current speed.

You will find the handbrake on the handlebars of these items. The brakes of most scooters are pretty sensitive. So, go easy on your scooter brakes until you get used to your new scooter.

You will use the throttle to reduce or increase the power and speed. To ride the scooter, just hit the throttle.

Use the foot or hand brake to stop your scooter. Once you reach your destination, do not forget to power off your scooter.

Then, fold your scooter back up and engage the latch.

Practice with a Partner

Do you know an experienced friend? Your friend can give you some pointers, so it is now time to call your friend. In fact, your friend can teach you the basics during practice, so practice with your friend a couple of times.

E Scooter Safety

Wear a helmet no matter who you are, where you are riding, or who you are with. Do not stop protecting your head. Our favourite helmet is the Pro-Tec full coverage. It is a tough helmet. It has a moisture wicking liner and an extensive vent system to ensure you stay nice and cool during your ride. It will protect you during a ride.


Apart from the head gear, remember to put on protective clothing. The clothing protects you in case of a fall, so ensure it covers your legs and arms. The recommendation of pros is for both beginners and kids to wear knee and elbow pads. If you are interested we stock a selection of e-scooters for kids – click here and check them in your web browser.

Electric Scooters and Charging

Make sure your scooter is fully charged before you take it out for a spin. Learning how to charge your scooter is easy. How? Read the user’s manual. It takes an hour or two to fully charge some models. However, it can the whole night to fully charge some models. Prepare to charge your scooter ahead of time.


The brakes of some models or items of Electric Scooters for Kids & Adults, are very powerful. The brakes are also very sensitive. That is why you need to familiarize yourself with the brake system before you ride your scooter at top speeds.

Pace Yourself

It is tempting to rev up the throttle to see what your scooter is made of. As you learn how to ride an e scooter, do not shoot for the top speed. It is a must to improve your riding and braking abilities before shooting for the max speed.

Balancing when moving is easy, so this may surprise you during your first ride. However, it takes time and more practice to learn to balance as you increase the speed.

In Case of an Accident

Even the most skilled scooter riders fall sometimes. Do not panic if you are about to fall. But, do not grab the throttle. Grabbing the throttle may worsen your situation.

After letting go of everything, jump away from your scooter. Avoid protecting your scooter. You need to get away from the danger as fast as possible.


Keep a close eye on the mileage of your scooter and the battery life indicator during your ride. Read the user’s manual of your scooter to know the maximum range capabilities of your scooter. Pack your scooter and head for home if you are close to the maximum mileage range or the battery life is running low. Ignoring them means you will have to push your scooter all the way home. You definitely do not want to push your larger, beefier model. Pay attention to the maximum range.

Finding the Best Electric Scooters for you!

If you can’t find the best scooter for you on our business site, then we don’t know where you will! We offer a great shopping experience and have all you need to get started, including advice and information regarding what to do before you buy e scooters. For all needs relating to electric scooters, contact us today or us your web browser to view our shop and take advantage of our business’s home delivery options. We are confident we can offer you a great shopping experience and that you will find the e scooter you are looking for.

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