eScooter Buyer’s Guide

An eScooter Guide for Buyers – What to Consider when Buying an eScooter

We reviewed some of the best parts you should be looking for, when it comes to purchasing an escooter.

Buyer’s should be aware of all the considerations before they make a decision – so arm yourself with knowledge before you rush out to buy one with our eScooter buyer’s guide.

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eScooter Buyer’s Guide for Beginners

There are a few key elements you should not overlook. These include…

What to Consider when Buying an eScooter

We reviewed some of the best parts you should be looking for, when it comes to purchasing an eScooter. Buyer’s should be aware of all the considerations before they make a decision – so arm yourself with knowledge before you rush out to buy one.

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eScooter Buyer’s Guide

There are a few key elements you should not overlook. These include…

Mileage/eScooter Range

How many miles can your scooter do before you run out of battery? There are all sorts of factors which will impact how far you can go in one journey. Not least of all, your own weight will contribute to how far your ride for.

eScooterss can perform anything from a few miles up to around the 30 mile mark. If you have a lightweight scooter with a small motor, the mileage (or range) of the scooter will be less than a heavier, more substantial model. As well, weather, and how much time you spent going uphill, also come into play.

Possible Speeds

Most people aren’t interested in a speedy vehicle when it comes to eScooter. When you are out in the elements without the protection of a vehicle around you, going fast can actually be quite terrifying. Maximum speed for the majority of escooter models is 25 kmph. Some eScooters will go up to 29 kmph, however, you should opt for safety clothing if you are going this fast. You should always wear a helmet anyway, but this is especially true of those who go off-road or who ride fast.

Keep in mind that your eScooter should not be used on the pavement, in case you knock someone down. Keep to the roads, cycle routes if possible, and obey the highway code. There are certain extreme high performance scooters which will go much faster than this, but you definitely won’t use one of them for your daily commute.

BrandseScooter Buyer’s Guide

You really have to be careful when selecting your brand. In a survey taken a few years ago, it was found that most brands of electronic scooter were wrongly labelled in terms of how far they can go. In general, they guessed their eScooters could go about a third faster or longer than was actually possible.

Cost of an Electronic ScooterA Quick Guide

Your price point will greatly impact the type of eScooter you can have. There are some basic models for around the e350 mark, although you will find there are more expensive models with a variety of optional features for more money.

Paying more for a colourful model, for one that has a bigger motor, or for one that can go faster, is not unusual. The price point of the eScooter that is best for you will be within range of what you can afford to spend. Consider browsing the different types of scooter for something more or less expensive, depending on your budget.

How Powerful do you want the eScooter to be?

eScooter come in different power capacities, each of which allows you to go faster, or to build up speed quicker. Rather like the power behind a car engine, the power in the e-scooter’s motor determines how quickly you can reach those top speeds.

A regular or basic eScooter will have a 200 watt engine. A powerful one, designed to carry heavier passengers or reach top speeds quicker, will have an engine anything up to 500 watts.  

To choose what the best power of eScooter is for you, look at what you need it for. If you are a heavier body type who is frequently going uphill, you will have to account for this in terms of power. A harder working motor will get you up those hills with greater control and speed. If you are light and don’t need to go up or down hills, a 250 watt engine is enough.

Tyre Quality

There are different types of tyre available for the eScooter, all of which can be best suited for you. If you are going to be operating in snow or ice, opt for smaller tyres with bigger grip. Similarly, pneumatic tyres are better at handling and suspension, but do puncture more, should you want an off-road tyre.

Tyres come in at different strengths and price points, so choose well and do your research.

Battery Power and Life

All rechargeable batteries degrade over time, just as a traditional battery would. This isn’t really a problem as they can be sold individually. Depending on your budget, you will be able to pick up an eScooter that can be charged up to 500 times or up to 1000 times before it starts to degrade.

When the battery does start to go, you will notice less range and mileage between uses. You can simply charge it more often, or you can get a fresh battery and start again.

Why not leave chargers in places you frequent often? Remember, too, that you can always use the scooter as a regular scooter when the battery does drain. Some of the more advanced model of scooter actually have double charging capacity through an additional port.


Your e-scooter should have a front and back light so that other road users can see you in the dark. If you do not have these, it is possible that the police will stoop you. At the moment, legality and rules of the road for eScooters differs from town to town. Check the rules of the road in your area if you are unsure what lighting requirements you must meet.

You should also check whether or not you are able to ride your scooter on the road. If riding in the dark, you should add reflective patches or lights to your backpack or jacket. Every little helps to make you more visible to other road users.

When shopping for your eScooter of choice, we highly recommend you pack a model which has a strong, bright, white front light, and a red backlight.


There are two factors that will ultimately affect the portability of your scooter. The weight of your model will affect how far you can carry it. For example, if looking for an eScooter to take on long hikes, to take on camping trips, or other long-distance journeys, you should opt for is light a model as possible.

The second factor that affects portability is whether or not your eScooter can be folded. Some models fold all the way up to handbag size, while some come with their own one-handed carry bag. Both of these factors will affect how portable your scooter is. As a general rule of thumb, the sturdier and more durable the eScooter, the less portable it will be.

You can get dollies for scooters which make transporting them easier, should they run out of battery. Bear in mind that you will still have to carry your scooter up and down stairs, or into and out of vehicles. The amount of portability you require from your electronic scooter will also depend on what you want to use for.

Those using the scooter for off-road fun can expect to need a weightier model. Those looking for something lightweight and portable for their commute, will do well with the smaller model. Think about weight carefully. Many of us overestimate how much we can carry over time. Imagine carrying a 15 kg kettlebell around with you all day… Then decide which scooter to buy.

When deciding which eScooter is best for you, consider those needs carefully. Are you going to be going up and down stairs? Are you going to have to carry your e-scooter for long periods? If you do take your scooter to work, is there somewhere you can store it through the day? What happens if it rains?

The Weather

Regardless of what size scooter you choose in the end, the weather is not always going to be on your side. Some days it is going to rain, and on those days’ you might not be able to use your e-scooter. For example, if you have an important business meeting you don’t want to have to scoot there in the rain and risk a muddy suit.

A Delicate Subject…

A huge factor in what weight, power, and motor strength you need from your eScooter is your own weight. If you are on the large side, expect to need a sturdier model with a bigger motor to go the same speed as someone smaller than you.

Each model of scooter should have a maximum allowance for rider weight. If you go over this and break your scooter, you can’t hold the manufacturer responsible. So be sure to check out what that weight allowance is before you buy. As a guideline, try to opt for a scooter with 500 watts of power if you weigh more than the 100 kg mark.

Do eScooters give a Bumpy Ride?

One of the primary concerns consumers have regarding the eScooter is the capabilities of the suspension system. Like most things regarding the eScooter, you are able to customise this however you need it. Suspension systems be bought and attached separately to your eScooter, but you can also buy a model with extra hydraulic, air, or spring suspension systems. The best of these is considered to be combination of both spring and hydraulic.

Some scooters have suspension at all, replacing it with larger, high performance tyres. Tyres like this can be expensive to replace should something go wrong.

Suspension systems that have been purchased separately can be attached to either or both of you wheels. If you have a particularly bumpy journey to work on a day-to-day basis, you should think about investing the extra cash in a good suspension system. This will help you negotiate the potholes in the road in greater comfort.

Braking Systems

The final thing we are going to cover in this guide today is the necessity of a decent braking system. When you are out there on the road you need brakes you can depend on. eScooters generally use similar brakes to what you would find on a car. They are either mechanical or electronic, but either type will help you stop.

Disc and drum brakes are considered to be the most reliable for your eScooter. A disc brake is more often found on expensive models of eScooter, while a drum brake tends to be similar to those on a car. However, they are not the only kind available.

Foot brakes allow you to stop by standing on a particular pedal on the scooter, while you might find an electronic brake on an E-scooter. This is simply a brake that kicks in at the touch of a button, as opposed to the mechanical kind previously discussed.

Electronic brakes use the motor to engage the brakes, when the command is given. This is not as good of a system as a mechanical brake. The term “throw a spanner in the works” exists as a good guide for us here. Placing an object in front of the wheel works far better to slow you down than an electric signal sent to the motor. In fact, these are so notoriously bad that most scooters with electronic braking don’t go above 15 kmph.

Finding the Best eScooter for you

Finding the correct model for you was always going to be difficult, but we hope our short buyer’s guide has at least given you a glimpse into the considerations you should make before buying. If you still feel a little lost, think about your needs. It is what you use it for that will determine the best eScooter for you, not the most attractive features.

As long as you choose based on your needs instead of what you think looks the best, you should come out with an e-scooter that exceeds your expectations. If you are genuinely concerned that you are going to buy the wrong one for your money, though, you should opt for one with a warranty or money-back guarantee. When in doubt, hedge your bets with a money-back backup… We have every faith that you will succeed.