Fiido Electric Bike

Fiido has put in a tremendous amount of effort into developing and researching reformatory electric bicycles, as well as accessories. They create bikes for various groups of people. Thanks to technology, Fiido has been making cycling easier, as well as helping people overcome mobility challenges. 


  • FIIDO M1


History Of The Fiido eBike 

In 2017, the first Fiido ebike was created. The bike gained widespread attention. Fiido’s goal is to provide people with an effective form of commuting, as well as provide them with a riding experience they will enjoy. 

In 2019, they released the D11, which was a product Fiido  started working on in February of that year. The final design form was decided on in April, and then in May the prototype was created. Fiido  started testing out the product in August, and in November Fiido  started to mass produce it. Furthermore, Fiido made sure each product was of high quality. 

In June 2020, Fiido bikes launched a campaign on Indiegogo. They eventually raised a million dollars. On the first of September, Fiido started to deliver the product in batches. 

Fiido Design 

Every electric bike Fiido produce retains the sport attributes and form of regular bicycles. However, all of the Fiido bicycles are very lightweight, which isn’t the case with all bikes. Furthermore, the products Fiido produce are equipped with a battery that can be detached. The batter yis kept hidden, and it’s safer than Lithium batteries. 

Besides that, Fiido ebikes are extremely stable. This is thanks to the brushless gear motor and the assistor. The seven-speed gear and the vector controller also plays a role in maintaining stability. 

Fiido bikes are very portable, too. The majority of Fiido  ebikes can be folded, which means they are easy to bring from place to place. Fiido bikes are perfect for those who like bringing their bikes on long journeys. 

Fiido  bikes fall in one of four categories. This includes fun, smart, mileage and off-road. Fiido offer bikes in over 40 countries.