How Fast Does an eScooter Go?

Forget mopeds, ebikes and skateboards… There is a new kid on the block -The escooter as it is commonly known by most people.

In recent years, the popularity of escooters has grown in leaps in bounds. Today, you will hardly walk past your favorite haunts without coming across at least one rider on an escooter.

How Fast Does an eScooter Go?

The popularity of escooters has increased not just because they are highly trendy and stylish. ecooters also happen to be convenient, affordable, great for the environment not to mention that they are also more convenient compared to other means of transportation.

how fast does an electric scooter go

Many people also love escooters for the simple reason that they easily weave between traffic helping the rider to get to their preferred destination on time. Simply put, many commuters tend to view the innovation of escooters as a dream come true.

When buying escooters, many buyers tend to consider the speed of an escooter as well as the riding experience that they will enjoy. So, how fast are escooters?

If you are considering acquiring an escooter and want to learn more about its speed, you are in luck! Below, we have created an article discussing all the aspects that influence the speed of an escooter.

Our EScooters

The scooters we sell can reach a range of speeds depending on the model of scooter you opt for. Yypically these scooters will reach around 25km/h bard the Kugoo G-Max, which reaches 35hm/h. As a guide we’ve detailed their max speeds below:

Factors That Slow EScooters Down

There are several factors that can affect the speed of your escooter and prevent you from reaching the maximum speed.

One of the things that can greatly slow down an escooter is the total weight of the load it is carrying or the weight of the person riding the machine. If you overload your escooter, you will not be able to achieve maximum speeds especially if it has a motor that has a low capacity.

When acquiring a scooter, ensure that you understand the maximum weight load that the machine can handle. Ensure that you do not exceed the maximum recommended load weight on your scooter. Not only will the extra weight slow your machine, it can also become a hindrance and expose you to the risk of accidents.

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Your battery level can also end up slowing down your scooter. When manufacturers note the top speed of an escooter, the consideration is usually that the battery is full. Once your battery level starts getting diminished, your scooter will invariably start slowing down.

The topography in the area where you are riding your escooter  will also affect your top speeds. When going downhill, gravity will naturally increase the speed of your escooter. On the other hand, if you are riding your scooter uphill, you may notice that it does not reach top speed because of the strain on the motor.

How Fast Do Leased Electronic Scooters Go

Countries that have approved the use of escooters such as America and France have recorded a high rate of growth in the use of leased scooters by commuters especially in metropolitan areas. It is however worth noting that escooter  for lease tend to be slower than premium brands for sale in the market. Scoot – An escooter rental firm that operates in San Francisco, Santiago and Barcelona – has some of the fastest escooter for lease in the market. The scooters on offer by Scoot can reach top speeds of up to 30 mph.

Bird and Lime which are some of the top industry leaders in the escooter for rent sector usually offer machine that can reach top speeds of around 16 mph.

Does Owning A Scooter with The Top Speed Equate to Owning the Best Scooter?

Owning an escooter that can reach high speeds can be very appealing. However, when acquiring an escooter, it is important to remember that the ability to reach top speed does not necessarily make an electronic scooter the best in the market. There are several key considerations to keep in mind before buying an escooter…

First, consider the laws in your locality. For example, in a country like Belgium where the use of escooters is legal, you cannot exceed a speed limit of 16 mph or 25 km/h. In you reside in such a country, buying a scooter that can reach excessive speeds is not a great decision. Remember that other vehicles on the roads, countries that have allowed the use of escooters tend to strictly enforce speed limit restrictions. Exceeding the set limits can earn you a hefty fine.

Additionally, you should consider the safety rating of an escooter especially if it can reach a top speed of around 50 mph. Depending on where you will be riding the scooter, you can end up exposing yourself, other road users and even unsuspecting bystanders to risk. If you are extremely partial to owning a fast escooter, check to see that it is fitted with high-quality brakes that are all in optimal working condition. You should also ensure that you wear the recommended safety gear when riding such an escooter.

Other Top Factors to Consider When Buying an Electronic Scooter

Though you cannot ignore the maximum speed when selecting an escooter, there are several other considerations you should keep in mind before making a purchase such as:

• The maximum range of the scooter when it is fully charged

• The maximum life of the battery

• The total weight of the scooter

• The portability of the machine (For example, you should check to see if it is foldable)

• The safety features incorporated by the manufacturer of the machine