The Use Of Electronic Bikes In Mayo County Town Has Been Immensely Successful.

The Use Of Electronic Bikes In Mayo County Town Has Been Immensely Successful.

A Castlebar councilor is pleased to receive the news that an e-bike project in Mayo’s county town has succeeded greatly.

Councillor Ger Deere noted that Lime e-bikes only came to the fore six months ago.

He continued: “Recent data provided to members of the Castlebar Municipal District indicate that during this time, 11,868 trips were made using electronic bikes all over the town by 1,636 individual riders in total.

“In terms of distance, e-bikes covered a total of 18,657 kilometers.

“During peak days, e-bikes made 157 trips all over Castlebar,”

Lime is the world’s biggest shared electric vehicle company, producing e-bikes and scooters for the general population.

Castlebar is Ireland’s first town to have introduced Lime e-bikes to its dwellers.

The bike project began as a pilot scheme towards the end of September through a partnership with Mayo County Council, which made 100 bikes accessible from several locations in the town.

Cyclists are asked to pay an initial unlock fee of €1 and a cost of 15 cents per minute afterward.

“I am delighted that Lime e-bikes have brought so much success to the town.

“The e-bike project was started as a 12-month pilot project. However, based on its success up to this point, I am confident the project will last for more than a year.

“I am hoping the e-bike project can be extended to other towns based on the benefits they have delivered for Castlebar.

“Statistical data indicates the e-bike project managed to save 5,258kg of carbon dioxide, signifying their tremendous benefits to the ecosystem,” said Councillor Deere.