Dublin City Council Accuses Sandymount Residents Of Obstructing Cycleway Plans

Dublin City Council complained that Sandymount residents brought a case to An Bord Pleanála with the intention to obstruct the construction of a new seafront cycleway.

Even though the residents asked the city council to pause all works pending the application, the council refused this demand.

According to the STC Group, the council should obtain the planning permission to launch the half-year trial of this two-way cycle track that would result in restricting vehicle traffic to only one lane.

They filed their application under Section 5 of the Planning and Development Act to ask for clarifications in regard to the council’s exemption from applying for planning permission prior to starting the works.

The city council’s law representative claimed that the plan is meant to calm down the traffic and that the council is allowed to proceed with the implementation under the Road and Traffic Act.

According to the same law agent, the residents’ application is nothing but an attempt to obstruct the council’s initiative to provide the city with this “improved cycling infrastructure.”

The City Council intends to pursue the unfolding of this trial by putting in place all monitoring measures required to assess the outcome of their initiative. This trial will be subject to a consultative forum that will involved all interested parties.

Also, according to the law agent, the council has no legal obligation to cease the works while waiting for a Section 5 resolution.

The STC group representative stated that they will proceed with submitting their case to an Bord Pleanála.

Earlier, councillors on the South East Area committee passed an emergency motion for the building of a cycle path on a boardwalk rather than on the road space designed for motor vehicles.

According to residents, the closing of one of the two lanes will result in thousands of vehicles clogging residential streets and causing traffic jams.

The opening of this trial cycle lane for bicycles and possibly even escooters in the future, was due to start by January 15th but the council has already postponed it to allow for the implementation of traffic calming measures in Sandymount.

The authorities also extended a public consultation for a new cycle track segment on Beach Road. Everyone interested will have one more week available to chime in.