Irish eScooter Regulation will Mean Changes for Operators

Yes, it’s been on the table for a long time but there is hope that there will finally be some type of regulation on how e-scooters can be used on Irish roads. Ireland has lagged behind most of the other European countries in the usage of e-scooters. Actually, after the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a noted increase in the number of people using e-scooters. Actually, there are a lot of people using e-scooters today in Ireland even if it puts them on the wrong side of the law.

Dublin city

Eamon Ryan, the Minister for Transport showed some optimism that the regulation would be in place before Christmas but nothing happened. Earlier this year, a draft version was approved but there were some delays in enacting the legislation because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. However, there is some hopeful news that should be hitting our screens soon.

It has been discovered that the Road Traffic Bill (Miscellaneous provisions) that legislates and regularizes the use of e-scooter is part of the Dail’s summer schedule. It is published by the government Chief Whip and the minister of the state at the department of defense Jack Chambers. Former TD Noel Rock also mentioned that he looks forward to Minister Ryan coming up with smart regulations for the usage of e-scooters to remove congestion and reduce pollution. It should also allow people to start using e-scooters safely and legally.

Of course, he’s not the only one to share these sentiments. A lot of e-scooter users and companies hope for the same. With Ireland having waited so long before allowing the usage of scooters, there are a lot of companies both international and local hoping to launch the shared services locally. These include Voi, Tier, Bolt and Bird.

Of course, there might not be enough room for all these operators. Currently, Dublin has allowed a few licenses for some e-scooter schemes. Therefore, most of these companies will have to look for customers elsewhere. Therefore, as we wait for the good news about regulations, you need to be careful when on the road with your e-scooter.