Considerations When Buying EScooters for Kids

If you want a great gift for your child, then you should consider an escooter. An escooter for children is a good way of getting around and having a lot of fun when riding. If you were to put them in a category, then they would fall in between a moped and a skateboard.

Riding on is like riding an electric skateboard that has a motor, so it is important to think about safety any time they ride it. Below are some tips that will go a long way in helping you buy an escooter for kids.

The Age, Weight, and Height of Your Child
Children need to be at least eight years, but it is important to consider their weight too when considering whether to buy a kid a scooter or not. If your kid has a smaller body, then it is not a good idea to get them a heavy scooter. You need to choose a scooter that is compatible with their height and weight so they can easily ride it. It can be tempting to get a bigger scooter so they can grow into it, but it is not a wise decision.

Kick Start vs Throttle
Do you want a scooter where the child has to kick start it to get the motor to engage or prefer one that can be started with a push of a button? This is something you have to decide on when choosing a scooter for your kid. Some models have safety features, like the motor not engaging till the scooter is going three miles an hour. Such a model is the perfect option for kids who are still new to scooters because they can practice balancing and not worry about brakes and throttles.

Adjustable Vs Fixed Steering Handles
Steering handles do the same work as a steering wheel. You use them to change the direction of the front wheel, and this will then change the direction the scooter is heading. It is a good idea to choose an adjustable handle if your child is still growing. A fixed handle is a good option if they are older because they tend to be stronger and sturdier.

Speed is very important because the last thing you want is your kid riding the scooter at a speed faster than 10 miles an hour. It can be scary to anything faster, especially when the kid is a beginner. They will be tempted to go faster, but if they get hurt in the process, they can decide to stop riding it. The best approach is to have them start slowly. You should limit the speed to make sure they are not going fast when they are still new to riding scooters.

Another consideration to make is the number and size of tires. There are those that have plastic tires, while others come with rubber. Many people prefer rubber tires because it provides a smoother ride and they don’t wear out fast. You should also consider the size of the tire. The smaller the ride, the smaller the tire. Some scooters will have two tires, while some have three. Those with three wheels have increased sensitivity. When still learning, it is important to have a scooter that is not too sensitive to direction change. You need to consider these factors when buying a scooter for kids.

Battery Life
Scooters come with rechargeable batteries today, and this means more usage time, and charging it can take 1 to 6 hours. You need to choose one that gives you the most amount of time and takes a short time to charge because you don’t want to wait for long for it to charge. For kids’ scooters, the average run time is 40 to 50 minutes.