KUGOO Kirin B1 Folding Moped eBike

The KUGOO Kirin B1 Folding Moped eBike has a trendy, practical design and is sure to draw lots of attention. eBikes and cars are now very popular with more people than ever using them to commute to work. eBikes are slightly heavier than standard pedal bikes due to their onboard batteries. However, the Kirin B1 Folding Moped eBike is still easy to lift up making it and has a space-saving folding design.

The frame of the KUGOO Kirin B1 Folding Moped eBike sports a dolphin shape design and is easy to fold up for portability and easy storage. The Kirin B1 Folding Moped eBike is manufactured to the highest safety standards and is very durable. Its modern tires, which have a 12-inch diameter, are built for daily use and have good shock absorption properties for a smooth riding experience.

Main Features

The onboard 250W electric motor and 36-volt lithium battery with a 6 amp-hour rating ensure the KUGOO Kirin B1 Folding Moped E-Bike is able to reach speeds of up to 25km/h. The battery features a fast-charging design, meaning it only takes around 4 hours to reach full capacity from empty. The bike is perfect for short work commutes and exploring the city. Its 100% electric motor means the bike produces no noise or air pollution, making it environmentally friendly. Compared to the running costs of a gasoline-powered bike, the Kirin B1 is very cheap to run. In full-electric mode, it has a maximum range of 50km while with some pedaling, its maximum range before a charge is needed can exceed 70km. There is an LCD screen attached to the front of the bike that provides simple data, such as the remaining battery level and speed. The screen can also be linked to a smartphone app for more detailed data analysis. The bike has a horn, headlight, smart taillight, and disc brake for optimal emergency braking capabilities.

The KUGOO Kirin B1 Folding Moped eBike can be operated in electric-only, pedal-only, and hybrid mode, giving it lots of versatility and an adaptable riding experience. The control panel features three speed settings and the bike is equipped with three gears. When riding the bike downtown, the lowest speed setting is recommended for the safety of pedestrians. When on the road, however, the speed can be dialed up to the highest setting for a fast commute — ideal for those in a hurry.