Enjoy one of the best escooters in the game with the Kugoo M4, with a giant range of 45km and a massive top speed of 45kph. All of this grunt is down to the massive 500w motor that will have you flying along, accelerating quickly and climbing hills with up to a 20% incline. Perfect for whatever trip you have in mind, get one of the best escooters around.


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One of the more premium escooters on the market, the Kugoo M4 is a real step up in performance in nearly every aspect. With a massive range of up to 45km and a top speed of 45kph, the M4 will let you tackle any commute, trip or wander with ease and peace of mind. The 10-inch off-road tyre set up is the ideal companion for town, country and whatever else you throw at it. Add into the mix the dual suspension set up and you have an escooter that can do it all.

The 500w motor is another massive addition to the mix, getting you up to 45kph as we said before and powering you up hills. Managing inclines of up to 20% is no issue to the M4. This motor also means rapid acceleration, letting you get off the mark like a shot.

Enjoy an extra luxurious experience thanks to the adjustable and removable seat that will make it perfect for your longer excursions. What else does the M4 boast? Front and rear disk brakes, front and rear light set up and handy folding design making it compact and tidy when not in use.

Additional information


Variety: Adult Scooter

Minimum Age: 16 and over

Top Speed: 28mph/45kph

Range: 28 Miles / 45km

Accelerator: Thumb Press

Brake: Front and Rear Disk Brake

Cruise Control Setting: Yes

Drivetrain: Rear wheel drive

Product Weight: 22.5kg

Folding: Yes

Speed Settings: 3

Maximum Rider Weight: 150kg

IP Rating: IP54

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