Accolmile is a group of three engineers that are focused on crafting something that’s
engaging and unique. Accolmile has spent time on each aspect of this project including analysing electric motors and turning this project into a complete business.

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Accolmile spent a lot of time playing around with the design and made sure to share it
with loved ones. Eventually, they had something that allowed us to move on from their regular day jobs.
Accolmile had a complete DIY ebike motor kit that was perfect for those who wanted the
best possible solution. Over time, Accolmile became one of the most reputable and proven
DIY ebike systems on the planet.

Thanks to the praise Accolmile has received along with all of the awards that have been won,
Accolmile noticed a new problem that started to arise. This problem had to do with the
demand that was out there for ebikes. A lot of customers wanted one and it was important
to make sure the quality didn’t depreciate. A lot of new electric bikes that are hitting the market
don’t offer enough value and are just on the lookout for a quick buck. This is a real waste of

Accolmile wanted to make sure their bikes were the real deal and offers a comprehensive
motor. This was a must and Accolmile wanted to build it the right way.
Due to their attention to detail and passion for engineering, the community knows Accolmile
are all about designing world-class ebikes before anything else. Accolmile take pride in the
work that is done whether it has to do with performance, safety, or looks. When it comes to
quality, Accolmile always do it right.