Commuting On An eScooter – Is It For You?

The new escooter legislation coming to Ireland towards the end of 2021 will herald a dramatic increase in escooters on our roads.

For commuting, escooters make sense on a financial, green and also in terms of increasing the amount of free time you have. Escooters are ideal for commuting.

Are eScooters Decent For Commuting?

Escooters are quickly becoming the best commuting option for many, given the fast pace of urban areas like Dublin and Cork. They are nibble, cost-efficient, and will see you weave your way through traffic. As such, e-scooters are advantageous over cars, motorbikes, and public transportation like trains and buses. Most escooter batteries also will do at least 12 miles – meaning they’re ideal for the vast majority of suburban commutes. Simply, they’re a fast, efficient, safe, clean, economical mode of urban transport.

1. EScooters Save You Money

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If you’re looking for a way to save money on your commute then an escooter could do just that. .

With a good quality escooter costing little more than 400 euros, it won’t take much petrol or even public transport costs to make up the initial investment. Of course, there are a variety of price points but the cost of entry is low.

Overall, that is a diverse price range meaning there is something ideal for everybody irrespective of their budget. Keep in mind that what you get is what you pay for; therefore, take the time to evaluate the available options against your budget to ensure the scooter you purchase is value for money.

That means you can find a good e-scooter for at least e500. It will be a one-time investment with no additional expenses. Charging will be an ongoing cost but will have a minimal impact on your wallet. Moreover, if you take the time to ensure that what you pick performs exceptionally, you will not have to worry about repairs.

The ecooters in the market today can run for at least four years without any issues, with some going up to 5 or even eight years. If you think about it, that is more than six years of money saved from doing costly commutes using cars or public transport.

Let’s assume you spend e500 on your escooter, and you live in a big city. It will be an investment that pays itself off within the first year, especially if you consider that you spend a conservative e50 on bus and train tickets or the much you spend fueling your car each month. That totals e600, which has gone into something that eliminates the hassle associated with your routine commute. And if you have some spare cash, you can consider going for something better that’s in the e1000 price range.

Overall, if you are thinking long-term, then escooters are the perfect investment.

2. EScooters Are Immune To Traffic Jams

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Escooters also save time, which most people consider more precious than money. They are the ideal answer to the perennial traffic jams associated with using public transport or a car in Irish towns and cities

Therefore, we can confidently claim that e-scooters are the perfect remedy for traffic jams. Y

Some escooters can go as fast as motorbikes and vehicles. However, legislation will recommend a limit of 25kmp/h. This is largely continuous, unlike public transport and cars which requires stopping and starting.

Things might not have taken a significant turn for the better with your routine commute, but you will have a smile on your face as you weave through traffic, passing the vehicles you have encountered every other day when the roads are jam packed.

And if you think about it, every person that opts to use an e-scooter instead of a bus, taxi, or car means one less vehicle adding to the traffic. That translates to fewer instances of traffic jams when more people decide to use escooters. Furthermore, the e-scooter might one day be the solution to the perennial traffic jams.

3. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Biking is fun and demanding. People consider riding the bicycle better than using a motorized two-wheeled machine. But would you rather pedal endlessly on your way to work and back home or opt for something that gets you there without breaking a sweat!

Entrepreneurs and professionals wish to reach their respective places of work while feeling productive. Do you want the workout of pushing hard on pedals and getting to the office covered in sweat, thus needing a change of clothes, albeit a shower first, and feeling spent during the early hours of the day?

The goal is not to downplay the significance of bikes as a commute option. They are great when you do not have to cover distances that are longer than a kilometer. However, you cannot liken them to escooters, which will not demand significant portions of your energy, allowing you to reserve it for your day at work.

4. EScooters Have Great Range

The range of many of the latest escooters in the market is sufficient, with 7 out of 10 e-scooters having a range of 25km (15miles) on a single charge. They might be argued to be lab-determined numbers, but the reality in the world out there does not drop by much. Expect the range of your new escooter to be roughly 75% or slightly above of was advertised.

Most escooter riders can attest that their rides can cover about 20km (12miles) on a single charge. That is more than enough to get you to your office and back home or be a one-way ride if your commute is brutal.

5. EScooters Can Be Fast

Riding your escooter in the urban areas will see you doing speeds of about 25kph (15mph) – which is a decent speed in an urban area

However, we wish to reiterate that this does not muddy the fact that escooters can do some crazy speeds. Some models have tech and limit their speed to ensure they comply with the safety rules and regulations. Nevertheless, doing 25kph (15mph) with no stops is enough to get you to where you are going fast and in time, if not earlier.

6. EScooters Are Portable And Practical

When we talk about portability, you will find yourself carrying your escooter is when stepping in and out of a building. Conversely, you might have to fold your scooter and take it into a train or bus if your commute is brutal and you must combine two transportation options.

However, under normal circumstances, escooter riders will carry their rides in their hands roughly four to six times during their daily commute. Fortunately, this is for short distances, and they do not haul heavy cargo.

Commuting scooters are based on practical use; hence, they are built to be portable. Most of them weigh less than 15kg (33lbs), with the racing and off-roading models weighing slightly over 30kg (66lbs). Therefore, a regular commuting escooter will not be burdensome when you encounter instances where you need to carry your ride. And since the scooters are portable, most can fit through elevator doors, train/bus doors, or in a car’s trunk.

Check here to learn more about portable commuting e scooters.

7. EScooters Are Fun

The value aspect of e-scooters can have many tangled on whether it is a worthy investment. However, they fail to realize the core reason people get them. Escooters are loads of fun.

Your first ride and the subsequent ones in the first month will be a hoot. They are nothing close to being stuck in a bus, taxi, or car. They allow you to enjoy your commute and potentially discover new things as you head to the office or home.

So, are there instances when escooters are not ideal for commuting?

Escooters might be a hoot, but they also are not the best choice for some commuting scenarios. It is these situations that push you to wish you also have other great commute solutions.

For instance, if your daily commute entails long train or bus rides and the states are close to your office and home that you can walk, investing in an Escooter will not be sensible. Why spend north of $500 on something that you will use for a minute or two during your daily commute!

Similarly, it would not be the best choice if you own a car and the roads to your workplace are rarely busy, and you have free parking space at your office. But then again, where start your vehicle for a short ride that is less than three kilometers!

The scenarios are diverse, and you can think of any that helps convince you an Escooter is suitable for you or not a worthy investment. You can opt to walk if you do less than a kilometer to your workplace.

Bottom Line

You should consider getting an Escooter if you want one. It does not have to be what you use for commuting to and from work. You can use it to have fun as you ride and explore the outdoors. Also, please note better commuting options if that is your primary concern when considering investing in an e-scooter.