eScooter Safety Tips for Beginners

We couldn’t leave you hanging with safety information. If we are going to sell E-Scooters, we are going to do it to the people that are safe, responsible, and educated on how to use one without getting into trouble on the road.

With that in mind, we put together some further top tips on E-scooter safety. Don’t go anywhere until you have read them.

1 – Helmets, padding, and getting your leathers on

It’s common sense that you wear your helmet every time you get on your E-Scooter. If you don’t, there is a high chance you will either be fined by local law enforcement officers, or that you will fall off and suffer brain trauma.

If you bang your head too hard it’s game over – so extra care should be taken. Further, there’s nothing wrong with elbow or knee pads for trickier off-road scooting. Accidents happen, be prepared.

In some places you will be expected to wear the denim or leathers that stop your skin taking damage, should you come off. We would say that this isn’t a bad idea.

2 – Focus Yourself

Just like driving a car, being on an E-Scooter requires your full attention. If you’re not concentrating on what is in front of you, you are at risk of an accident. That means no using your phone while you are on your e-scooter… not even for directions.

3 – What About Wheels?

How are your tires looking? When was the last time you checked them? Rubber erodes over time and scuffs; splits and cracks can appear over time. you will need to monitor the tire pressure, as well as replacing them should they become too worn.

4 – Hazard Perception

There are lots of issues with road surfaces, whether you are riding a bike or a car. When you ride an E-Scooter, these are compounded by your already gravity-based balance. Watch out for potholes, puddles, pebbles and stones, and any other obstructions that might send you flying off. If you are navigating a particularly troublesome piece of land, tone down the speed… It’s better to be safe than sorry!

5 – Avoid Bad and Wet Weather

If the weather is miserable, just don’t take the e-scooter that day. Many people favor a portable model so that they can fold it up, or store it safely in a carry bag, should the weather turn for the worst.

As with any other vehicle, avoid oily, slippery patches on the road and definitely don’t drive your e-scooter in ice or snow. If it gets severely wet or the weather takes a turn for the worst that day, just push it home, instead. better that than risking the electronics.

6 – Thunder and Lightning

We definitely don’t want to ride our electric powered metal scooter through a lightning storm. If you hear thunder, hurry home.

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