How to Choose the Best E-Scooter for Children

There are a number of ways you can make sure you choose the best e-scooter for you kids. We reviewed a few to help out.

1 – Choose By Size

A heavy, sturdy, dense scooter is brilliant for off-road play – but can your child carry it? If you choose by weight and size, you can narrow down the limitless options in e-scooter for your kids.

2 – Choose By Power

Your second option is to choose by power of the motor. While this is understandably difficult for a first-time e-scooter buyer, this is a necessary part of safety. A child’s scooter is as capable of running into traffic as an adult one, so safety precautions need to be taken.

Obviously the first of these is to only allow your kid to play on their new e-scooter while they are supervised. The second way you can minimise their chances of getting hurt is to control the power of their motor.

If you aim for an e-scooter that goes no faster than the 10 mph mark, you will drastically reduce the chances of your child doing themselves an injury. Be wary of some child’s scooters, since they can have top speeds of around 30 mph – similar to that of an adult e-scooter.

If your child is 12 or above, we recommend the 250 watt model. This is more than enough power for a youngster, particularly if they are not going off-road.

3 – Mileage

Some e-scooters have a range of 20 miles, some have a range of 5 miles. How much mileage the scooter can do to depends entirely on the make, power, and your budget.

4 – Dependability

Obviously, buying an e-scooter for your children is a fairly big expense. You don’t want to have to do it again once you have already forked out the cash. A dependable model will stop you having to repeat the process.

5 – Safety, Safety, Safety!

As we mentioned above – safety is the most important part of giving your children an e-scooter of their own. You should ensure they are watched while using it, that they don’t have too much power, and that your child stays off the road with them.

For added safety measures, elbow pads, kneepads, and a helmet, should be added. We would always recommend you use a helmet when you are on your e-scooter.

Think about Legislation

Lastly, and although it sounds idiotic, you should familiarise yourself with the law in your area. Not all countries allow e-scooters on the pavement or road, so be aware of this… still… it is unlikely that the local police are going to arrest your child… better to be aware of the law than to break it though.

Rounding Up

e-scooters for children are safe and friendly, as long as you take the right precautions. With some understanding, research, and a knowledge of what to buy, your child should be as safe as houses.