Take on the world with the Fiido M1. Travel in comfort with the huge 20-inch tyres fused with a front suspension setup letting you shrug off any lump or bump you meet on your commute. Add this to the 250w motor and you should be able to keep travelling for miles and miles.


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The Fiido M1 ebike is a full-suspension ebike that can be folded in half to occupy less space during transportation and storage. With the help of its broad tires, the ebike breaks through all obstacles with ease as a wild beast does in the jungle.


Take a look at the specs of this electric bike below

FIIDO M1 Motor

Its motor has a power of 250W and is accompanied by a 7-speed wide-range cassette. With a top speed of 30km/h, you will reach your destination faster than you expected with the Fiido M1 under all weather conditions with it’s IP4 rating.

Ultra-wide rims found in the 20-inch wheels, and the presence of anti-skid tread design patterns helps the scooter to manoeuvre through any jungle be it forbidding terrains, puddles, rocky beach, and sand.

FIIDO M1 Shock Absorbers.

Smooth and safer cycling is guaranteed by the well-performing M1.

FIIDO M1 Rechargeable Battery

Rapid starting acceleration is achieved by the high-torque 36 volts batteries. On a 12.5Ah fully charged battery capacity, the bike reaches a maximum range of 100km-this lets you travel for long distances without having to make random stops to recharge your battery. To fully charge the battery, you will only need nine hours. The battery life has 500 rechargeable cycles which will allow you to venture out and charge your battery again and again.

FIIDO M1 Portable Structure

The portable structure and adjustable body make it possible to transport it whether it is on the train, subway, or in the car trunk.

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Additional information


Max Range – 60km

Max Speed: 30kph

Rated Voltage: 36V

Charging Time: About 7-8H

Product Weight: 25kg

Maximum Load: 120kg

IP Rating: IP4

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