ireland prospect for e-scooters

Ireland Seen As Top Prospect For E-Scooter Rental Firms

Increasing numbers of international players in the e-scooter rental market are looking to expand into Ireland after the anticipated passage of legislation allowing the use of such equipment on roadways in the Republic. Among the hopeful entrants into the market …

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benefits of e-bikes for commuting

Benefits eBikes for Commuting

The fact is, commuting is never easy. It’s something we always dread. From delays to price hikes for public transportation and even dealing with bumper to bumper traffic – pretty much every mode of transportation has its pitfalls. The misery …

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e-scooter guide

eScooters – A First Time Buyer’s Guide

Thinking of investing in an E-Scooter? Read this first… When it comes to buying an E-Scooter, there’s more than just the colour to choose from. An E-scooter is a reasonably large purchase, that can range in price from under €500 …

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e-scooter buyers guide

eScooter Safety Tips for Beginners

We couldn’t leave you hanging with safety information. If we are going to sell E-Scooters, we are going to do it to the people that are safe, responsible, and educated on how to use one without getting into trouble on …

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e-scooter buyers guide helmets

The eScooter Helmet Buyer’s Guide

In this section, we cover what you should look for before you buy a helmet for your e-scooter. Although it might not feel like you always need to wear a helmet when off-road or in parks – the helmet isn’t …

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A Guide to Buying an Electric Scooter

E-Scooter and Battery Power Discussed

Do you have all the power you need? We put together this guide to batteries for e-scooters to help you get from A to B, smoothly. We reviewed things like the type of battery, how much it can hold, how …

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